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My friend Megan from Meggipeg has been nagging gently suggesting that I make these jeans, so, being the submissive sort, I finally got round to it, but it took a while as I traced off a size 12 and kept tracing new patterns until I settled on the size 6 – that’s a lot of tracing! The jeans are the Jamie Jeans from Named Clothing, and there is a very useful sewalong which I did follow at the beginning.

SVYQXThey are skinny jeans with a regular rise and vertical front seams which are supposed to be slimming. The jury’s out on that one. I do like the slanted front pockets with contrast panel. I did what nearly everyone else did and simply turned the denim over to get some contrast. They are made from a fairly stretchy denim, which really increases the comfort levels, almost elevating them to the secret pyjamas category.

I made the jeans straight from the pattern, did the baste fitting as suggested and took in the side seams over the hip and upper thigh, but I still have some issues with the fit. Even with the long top, you can see lots of creases in the back legs. Please note that I didn’t take in the lower leg to make them really skinny as I hate wrangling myself in and out of jeans.


First up, they were a bit long but I sorted that out quickly. Then the back is quite wrinkled, with bubbles of fabric at my inner thigh. The pockets look rather enormous, but aren’t really. I considered making them smaller, but like the fact that these are able to take my phone. The split pocket is also a bit more interesting than the traditional jeans pocket.


A close up. I have to say that I have paid quite a lot of money for RTW jeans that don’t fit as well as these, but I make my own clothes so that I can have a good fit.


The front isn’t too bad, but somehow I made the fly a bit short, so will be unpicking it and extending it.


These are easy jeans to team with tops, and I like them with long tops best. The grey spotted cardigan is made from a Potter’s remnant, and I had so little fabric that I had to shrink it considerably, both in length and width, but I quite like it and it’s a really handy layering piece as the weather cools down.

The black top is a Deer and Doe Plantain Tee that I fiddled with. I added a drawstring pocket as in my striped top, this time with white cord as I didn’t have any black. I had intended to exchange the cords but have decided that I like the contrast. I rolled all the hems as the fabric would not behave well enough to hem it.0571BDFE-3E7A-4842-BD2E-DED212219E4A

Even with the fitting issues, I really like the style lines of these jeans. In patternmaking class I have been learning how to apply my pattern blocks to bought patterns, and I have reworked this pattern to fit my block. I currently have these new jeans half assembled so time will tell as to whether or not I have been successful. Fingers crossed!


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  1. Yay, you finally made them! These look great, especially from the front. I agree the fit could be improved a bit and I’ll be interested to see what happens with your block. I am amazed these are only size 6. I always make a 40 (UK 12). You are even more of a MIRL than I thought!

    1. Oh hadeha I’ll have you know that I am quite tall. However my hips are smallish. Next pair are half made and I’m feeling anxious 😩

  2. Ha, ha! So fun to spy your interaction with Meggipeg 😂 The front looks just perfect with these awesome pockets. What a cool styling too. I’m confident that your next pair will look like a million 👍🏼

    1. I hope they do look better, Hélène, if I get the technique right. If they do work, then I’m going to have another go at the Ginger jeans as I really like their shape too.

  3. I can see your issues with the fit. It seems like the holy grail to get pants fitting correctly. However, you look great and I particularly like the way you have styled them.

  4. I have been watching YouTube videos from Peggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns. She suggests pinning out a dart at the center of the bum, tapering to nothing at the side seams…the problem is usually too much fabric at that point that then puddles below. If you can determine how much to pinch out of this one, you can adjust your pattern. I have tried it on my muslin and it was amazing how much of those wrinkles that s simple dart addresses. You might also then need a s mall dart at th top of the thigh, but start mid-bum…go look at some of her demos. But I agree with you…I have spent a lot o f money on things that didn’t fit as well as your comfy looking jeans.

    1. Thank you. I have previously done these fish eye darts, and they were done for my block. Having said that, I have just made my second pair of these jeans and I’ve lost weight so need to do more darts under the bum! I’m off to watch the YouTube videos now, thank you very much!!

    1. Thank you Norma, it’s basically Vogue 2431 (vintage pattern) with some modifications due to lack of fabric. I could have used the Itch to Stitch Lisbon had I had that pattern when I made this one. Very similar in design.

  5. Not a bad fit but I’m sure your second pair will be much better. A good jeans pattern is wonderful to have. I did the Craftsy ‘Jeanius’ course to get mine. Looking forward to seeing your updated pattern.

  6. They look fantastic to me! Look forward to seeing what you do to tweak the back. Always a problem with my pants there. Love the skinny jean look on you. 🙂

  7. As you say, this would be a reasonable fit in a bought pair of jeans. They’re very wearable but I’m sure you’ll be able to tweek the fit this time.

    1. I think it’s going to take a few iterations and then I shall probably take them off to my patternmaking class where we will redraft them from scratch. What I should have done to begin with methinks!

  8. I really like this pattern and I have often thought that I need to try it. I think your version looks fine, I like that it is not super skinny and all those little details, like the pockets make the pants look very expensive! I’m looking forward to seeing your next, improved version!

    1. I agree about them not being super skinny but I think they are supposed to be! The pockets are just awesome and really set these jeans apart which is why I shall persevere!

  9. I always find with every pair of pants or jeans I make the fit just gets better and better. I guess that’s why some people make 4 or so muslins to get the fit right. But then as soon as you change to a different pattern the fit is different again. I guess that’s where the pattern block comparison comes in. Right now I’m dealing with the bunchy back legs myself. Reading lots of advice and making lots of adjustments. Well it’s always better than RTW anyway. I do like this style. Not too tight. Nice pockets. I can’t wait to see your next pair!

    1. Thanks Linda, I’ve made pair #2 and they are better, but I’m still shaving width off the thighs. I find that the minute I fix one problem I create another, which is why I hate making trousers from patterns that aren’t drafted for me. Anyway, I shall make one more pair of these and see if fish eye darts solve my problem!

  10. Why do we frustrate ourselves with fit, I like you want the perfect pant and not the acceptable RTW fit so I will be very interested to see your next version.

    1. I’ve made them Sharon and they look like jodhpurs! Just taking in the legs and altering the pattern. The next pair will need a fish eye dart under the buttocks.

      1. I think both you and I need to take off those hips curves, I know I don’t have them and I think you don’t either. Can’t wait to see them now they have been compared to your jeans block.

  11. Although you aren’t 100% satisfied these new jeans are looking great. Getting a good fit jeans is very hard. I’ve experienced that besides a good pattern also fabric choice is important and the way to cut your pattern pieces. For the back pockets: there are some good articles about the best shape of back pockets for your figure. I’ve to confess I always change the back pockets to the ones that are the best for my figure.

  12. Great job! And I envy you that sewing and pattern making place–it sounds like a wonderful resource, and one I would need before I ever attempted jeans.

    1. Thank you Roxane. I’ve made the next pair and they still need tweaking, but they are coming along! The pattern making classes are awesome!

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