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If you’ve been reading along you’ll know that I made the Papercut Anima Pants (here), and loved them, although they seemed too big. Instead of making another pair (which I will may do), I thought I’d give the True Bias Hudson Pants a try and see if I liked them better.

Well I didn’t! Am I the only person in the sewing universe who didn’t like them? Then I thought about it. I used a very stretchy woven fabric, but perhaps it wasn’t stretchy enough, or drapey enough? I felt they were too short, quite low rise, and I didn’t like the shape much. Here they are


I did like some aspects – I thought the pocket was neat, and I liked the fit at the front. I decided that the part I really didn’t like was the length, and found myself obsessively looking at all the versions on line, most of which were also quite short, which is ok for certain body types, but I don’t like the look on me.


On reflection, and to be fair to the pattern, I thought I should make another pair and do a comparison with the Anima pant. In my view, the only way to do a proper comparison is to use the same fabric, and I just happened to have enough left to make this second pair!

A quick reminder of the Papercut ones – yes, baggy!


And now the Hudsons in the same fabric. I laid the Hudson pattern on top of the Anima pattern and it was quite interesting – the backs were pretty similar, but the Hudson fronts were significantly narrower. The Anima legs were a whopping 7cms longer than the Hudsons, but I think they need to be shortened on me. I stayed true to the Hudson pattern but lengthened it by 4cms, and this has made all the difference. dsc08652

I also like the faux fly on the Anima pant, but this is an easy fix for the Hudsons and I’ll be adding one to the pattern when I next make them. Interestingly, this pair sits higher on my body, which may be the stretch. Whatever the reason, they are much more comfortable. I eliminated the drawstring in this version. dsc08655

I made the same size as the Anima pant as I didn’t want sizing to skew the experiment. Because the front is narrower, the back legs come round a bit further, which I’ve decided I like. dsc08656

So, which is now my favourite? Well, if I put aside the beautiful presentation of the Papercut patterns, the faux fly, and the fact that there are more opportunities for coverstitching (although I have some ideas to address this particular problem with the Hudsons!), I announce the Hudsons as my new favourites. I shall be making more of these, and I have some black wool in mind, which will be awesome in the winter.

Both the khaki and the grey fabrics are from Potters.



29 thoughts on “Hudson v Anima

  1. Wow, I thought you were going to say you liked the Anima pants best! The grey hudsons look really nice. I had to lengthen mine a fair bit too, both the full length and knee length ones were too short for me.

  2. What an interesting comparison! So are the blue-gray ones the double gauze that you dyed? Are the khaki ones something like a stretch twill or poplin?

    1. The khaki ones are cotton and spandex, with about 20% stretch. The grey ones are a stretchy cotton French terry knit. This is lovely fabric, soft with a nice drape. I think I’ll stick to 40% stretch knits for these in the future – as prescribed!

  3. What a sound empirical comparison! I certainly agree that the grey Hudson pants with minor adujstments are the best of all – you look tall and slim. As you know, the Lola pants present about the same features but in woven. They are on my sewing table right now and a faux fly was something I added right away when I cut my fabric. I smiled when I read that you would add this to your next Hudson. We’re thinking alike!

  4. An interesting read – I’ve had the hudsons traced off for about 2 years, and they’re on my 2017make 9, so hopefully I’ll be making them soon. How about your first pair of hudsons being cropped to a 3/4 length? They look like they be great for summer 😃

  5. I find the indies are made by younger women with different preferences for where the waist is on bottoms. I was looking at the Hudsons for me and my daughters (age span 12-50+) and felt I was going to have to fiddle a lot with the rise and the length. I bought Simplicity 2061 at a $1 pattern sale and figured I would try it first since it had variations for length, waist, and pockets in multiple sizes. And boy oh boy is that a great pattern. Easy to whip up, the pockets fit in nicely, and we all like how they fit. The thrifty sewist in me loves that a $1 pattern has already been made 7 times for four different sized women. There will be more too since my girls no longer want shop bought athleisure bottoms because mom makes better. I suppose my point is find the pattern that works and make the heck out of it. And you should because yours look really great, even the dreaded backside! I bet you can make this pattern work for the men in your life too.

  6. Thank you for that comparison, I have always wondered about this. My sister and I had this discussion a couple of weeks ago because she was drawn to the Hudsons. In the end she used my copy of the Animas and was happy with the result, although not so much with the instructions on how to attach the elastic which I largely ignore. I have made many pairs of Animas and I love them because on an hourglass like me, they are just high enough to avoid the muffin top without being high waisted. I am quite curious about the fit of the Hudsons but at the same time I feel, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

    1. I agree! I will make another pair of Animas but go down a size or two. I used that elastic that already has the drawstring through it, but will just use elastic next time.

  7. I love your stretchy pants – they seem so cozy and comfy. This post is perfectly timed for me….I’m starting a pair of Hudsons tomorrow. (This will be my first pair of pants in 40 years and although my legs are still short, my waist is now gone so it should be interesting.) I’m using a double knit (maybe ponte?) and am hoping the stretch will be sufficient. Can’t wait to get started and see if mine are comfy as yours look!

  8. I had the same problems with the Hudson pants.Way too short and way too low in rise. After fixing both issues the pattern is my favourite too 🙂 Super comfy, yet chic 🙂 Just like yours! Looking great!

  9. Interesting experiment – you are very diligent to do all this testing. I’ve given up with trousers because I almost never like the result. Maybe I should try harder?

  10. Such an interesting comparison and that you used the exact same fabric makes it even more so! Definitely see why the Hudson would be your favorite as they look stylish yet oh-so-comfortable…. the best combinations! 🙂

    1. Thanks Lisa, although I wore the Anima at the weekend and they were good too. I might make them again in a smaller size and see what comes of it.

  11. Interesting comparison and like you I don’t like cropped pants, just feel wrong. The grey Hudsons look very comfortable and aren’t too full, maybe it was the fabric that made such a difference.

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