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Almost immediately upon arriving back in Perth from the UK, we left for Hobart, Tasmania. You always know you’re in Hobart by (a) the third world conditions at the airport, where airbridges are in a very distant future; and (b) Sammy the Seal sitting on the baggage carousel


I had been watching the weather fairly closely, but it’s always hard to tell what it’s going to do as 25°C can be quite hot in Hobart. I took a few new things that I’ve been making for the challenge in the Sewalongs and Sewing Contests group on Facebook, but I really couldn’t wear too many of them due to the cold weather, so they will feature in a later post when I get back to Perth. I did however wear my red raincoat a lot, and am pleased that it continues to prove to be fairly warm, reasonably rainproof and almost windproof.

However, here are a couple of things I did make for the trip. The Papercuts Anima-pant, which is much like the Hudson pants, but with a few differences, particularly in the pocket department.


I very much like this pattern except that it turned out about three sizes too big. This is an easy fix for next time, but I am a bit sad about the lovely grey marled knit from Potter’s. I did wonder if I could shrink them, so they will be getting a hot wash when I get home.img_9194

In spite of the size (I made a small and suspect that the XXS will still be too big), I managed to wear them for a bit of bush walking. One of the other changes I’ll make is to ditch the drawstring at the waist as it produces a rather unsightly lump under t-shirts.

I also wore another Lady Aimee top, which is a fabulous free pattern. I’ve lost count of the number of these I’ve made, all of them from scraps, and this one is no exception. I also changed the back a bit.


On most of my Lady Aimee tops I’ve added a back yoke, but on this one I also mirrored the side fronts at the side back. This is the best photo of this that I’ve got.


I keep thinking that I’m going to make the top longer, but I’m always constrained by the size of my scraps. Perhaps I’ll make one with “real” fabric! This wonderful bush walk, by the way, is about 15 minutes walk from Mark’s mother’s house and is full of birds and wildlife. We really enjoyed walking through it listening to the bird calls and the rustling of the undergrowth as unknown creatures scuttled off.

Tom and Bridgette flew into Launceston and drove to Hobart to spend the last couple of days of their holiday with us. They stopped in various places along the way, but the most exciting news is that on a beach at Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain, Tom proposed to Bridgette, producing champagne and a magnificent ring. Happily she said yes! I am so proud of him as it was a proposal to remember forever. So romantic and I think we all shed a tear.

We all went to Wineglass Bay, where we did the long trek down to the beach and back up again. I wore my much-too-big Anime-pants and yet another Lady Aimee, together with the Naughty Bobbin bonus Coco Cap pattern. In spite of my best efforts, it’s also a bit big for me, so I’m planning another (that wide brim is fabulous), but with a few changes.


The trek into Wineglass Bay is reasonably arduous, but the beginning of it is quite pleasant, with a spectacular lookout and this lovely resting bench. I immediately wanted one, so have put in my order with my very capable sons.img_9221

Wineglass Bay is so named because it resembles a wineglass. I struggle to see it, but this photo shows why it is called this (I think!). It is a stunning spot with lovely views.img_9226

The beach is wide and long, and we were lucky with the beautiful weather. We sat on the beach and had a drink and a snack before tackling the long climb back to the carpark. img_9231

We took Tom and Bridgette to the top of Mt Nelson, which has wonderful views over Hobart and the Derwent River.


And of course Salamanca Market, which I’ve blogged about before, so will only put up this photo of a rather quirky stall with its very laid-back owner! He was laying there talking to prospective customers, and I would have hated to have roused him to sell me something!salamanca

You are probably wondering where all the fabric shopping is, and I am really sorry to tell you that Flash Fabrics closed down in July and the wool shop “The Stash Cupboard” has moved from Liverpool Street to 180 Macquarie St, although I only discovered this by accident as they haven’t updated their website. Apparently all the rents in Liverpool Street increased by 50% when the new Myer store opened, causing the exodus. I shall update my fabric and yarn shopping in Hobart post to reflect these, and a couple of other changes.

No trip to Hobart is complete without a visit to MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art, but when we went we found it was closed. No matter, we’ve been several times and this opened up an opportunity for a new experience.

We had a play down on Constitution Dock and noticed this enormous passenger liner tied up. It’s Ovation of the Seas, which carries 5,000 passengers and 1,500 crew. It’s eighteen stories high apparently and certainly dwarfed this newly built hotel. I think there might be something wrong with me, but the prospect of being a passenger on something so enormous gives me the horrors, and yet some of my friends love this sort of holiday so I’m clearly missing something.


We also finished up at Cornelian Bay, which has lovely views of these quaint beach huts, which are cantilevered over the water. You can also see the Tasman Bridge in the background, which had a pillar knocked out of it by a drunken sea captain in the 1970s. It now has an uneven gap between two sets of pillars because the ship still sits at the bottom of the Derwent River, stopping the original pillar being rebuilt. img_9253

This will be my only post from Hobart. We’ve had a lovely, but chilly, nine days and I did enjoy our excursions, but I am looking forward to getting home to some warm weather and getting organised for Christmas. I did manage a little bit of vintage shopping, buying a couple of gifts for Tom and Archie, and I might Instagram some of my purchases after Christmas.



28 thoughts on “Hobart holiday

  1. what a nice trip and congratulations to your son and future wife.
    I can fully understand you regarding that big ship. No more than 300 people for me on a cruise.
    All the best and greetings from Switzerland, Christa

    1. Lovely to hear from you Christa. My first thought upon hearing from Tom’s news was that the green wild silk will make an amazing mother of the groom outfit! I’ve been quietly planning my makes from your fabric, and the white Chanel will be made up fairly early in the new year, I hope!

  2. You have obviously brought your sons up well. What a lovely proposal. Love Tasmania… I don’t think I could bear being on a floating hotel… the though of something going wrong and getting off scares the life out of me. I did a few (small) cruises in Asia and US when I was in travel and that was enough for me.

    1. I’m not too fussed about getting off in a hurry, I just don’t want to be cheek by jowl with 6,500 people in a confined space! Also, no fabric shops or ability to sew!!

    1. Er, I’m planning my mother of the groom outfit!! I think it will be an engagement party outfit first and don’t think the wedding will be for a while.

  3. How delightful is this pre Christmas post, complete with great news and perspectives. And Hobart is fascinating!

    1. Oh, and these Anima pants are on the slouchy side, but they look really cool. I would keep them as is. 😄

      1. I might make a smaller pair and compare them. They are totally like secret pyjamas, I won’t be throwing them out. Perhaps I could just take the legs in a bit, not sure.

    2. Isn’t the family news wonderful? Already planning a mother of the groom outfit, hehe! Hobart is extremely historic and picturesque, worth a visit any time.

  4. Another wonderful adventure with you!! Looks like a beautiful spot! I totally agree about drawstrings ( hate the bulge) and have no desire to cruise on such a large ship! I, too, have lots of friends who swear by this type of travel – have enjoyed a small ship Windjammer cruise in the French and Italian Riviera, but we spent the days wandering the areas we stopped. Good thing we all don’t like the same thing – yikes it would be crowded. Have a special Christmas and thanks again for your
    interesting posts!

  5. What an utterly lovely post!! Always interesting reading about your wonderful excursions and sounds like you had a very nice trip. Congratulations on the good news!! And that resting bench seems perfectly designed!! Agree with Helene that the Anima pants seem on the slouchy side, but sometimes it is nice to have a slouchy pair of pants. Certainly looks comfy for those hikes!! 🙂

    1. Those Anime pants are really secret pyjamas! The trip was fabulous and now I’m sitting in the airport waiting to go home. Ready to plan the next holiday now 😉

  6. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip to Hobart filled with such special memories. Fabulous scenery. I can certainly identify with the planning of the outfits!!! Enjoy your warm and sunny Christmas with your family.

  7. I love reading yout travel/memade posts! Thank you for showing me around, Hobart sounds and looks like a lovely place! Your outfit looks perfect for it’s purpose!
    Congratulations to Tom and Bridgette!
    And I too don’t get the appeal of traveling with huge ships. Creepy! And so many people on so little spage, ugh!

  8. Gorgeous pictures Sue! I hope you haven’t cooked in the high temperatures at home though.
    Great news from your son – and aren’t we awful seeing everything like this as a sewing opportunity! 🙂

  9. Love your holiday posts Sue and Tasmania is a beautiful part of the world. Congratulations on your son’s engagement…so romantic, a moment to be treasured forever. And now fabulous new sewing opportunities!

    1. Thank you Sonja. There’s no date so I don’t know what season the wedding will be, but there’s going to be an engagement party, so thinking about that!

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