Named Clothing Helmi tunic dress

When Named Clothing released their new collection I knew I had to buy the Helmi tunic pattern. Immediately!


This is a terrific pattern with a  concealed button closure and a curved uneven hemline. It also has a stand up collar and three quarter length sleeves.


Given that winter has made a reappearance, I had to wear it with layers underneath, so I’m not showing it at its best in these couple of photos, but I have to say that I like this tunic. I used a $3 remnant from Textile Traders, a lovely starry chambray.

Then we had a day of glorious sunshine and I was able to wear it without the layers, and I’m happy to report, I love it even more!


Construction was fairly simple, except that I had a rather senior moment and completely sewed it together before I realised that I had sewn the back of the skirt to the front of the tunic – meaning that the front was longer than the back. Not a good look! Lots of unpicking ensued.

The first time I put it on (once it was completely finished!) my hands started looking for pockets. What pockets? There weren’t any pockets!! More unpicking as I opened up the side seams and slipped a couple of pockets in. This is not my favourite way to insert pockets, but I managed it satisfactorily.


So all I can say is “roll on summer” as I can’t wait to hang out in this tunic. The Helmi trench blouse is also on my rather extensive list, and I think I like it even more than the tunic dress.



36 thoughts on “Named Clothing Helmi tunic dress

  1. This one pushed its way to the top portion of my to-sew list, too! (Well, both versions, but the tunic first since we are heading into Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere!) I am so glad to see your version and read that you are enjoying the finished article. =) It looks so comfortable but put-together, which is a win-win for sure! AND it’s a great transitional garment as the seasons shift, especially in the chambray you chose. Good point though about pockets; I wouldn’t have thought of that, but now I have made a “note to self” to consider adding them! Can’t wait to see your take on the trench blouse variation, too!!

    1. Thank you Mads. I showed different styling in the post because I think it is a good trans seasonal dress. I am really loving wearing it – now that it has pockets!

  2. I made my GD a jacket and it didn’t have pockets either – didn’t think of it until she got it and said, “I love it Grammy but I really wish it had pockets.” She sent it back and i created some pockets – so much better! Wrote right on pattern – “Be sure To Add pockets!”

  3. I was really eager to know what you think about this pattern, which was love at first sight for me too! It looks absolutely perfect on you : shoulder fit, length and all. The little stand collar is adorable and your summer styling is just how I would want to wear this dress. I’m glad you pointed out these missing pockets. I’ll make sure I add them on mine – maybe big square patch pockets? Thanks for this post, Sue!

  4. You find such interesting fabric! I love the stars and I love the tunic.
    I never add pockets to anything because I always slouch around with my hands in them but I think I’m missing out here.

  5. This is an extremely ‘artsy’ look on you Fadanista, could see you wearing one of thee every day of the week! Oh and the colour just sings on you – encore!

  6. What a versatile dress to be worn with bare legs and espadrilles as well as leggings and boots…. and look equally fantastic! Beautiful fabric and totally agree with pockets. Pockets makes everything better! 🙂

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