GBSB jersey dress hack and an emu

When I received my Great British Sewing Bee From Stitch to Style book, I really did want to make all the things, but I realise I’ve been a bit tardy, although I have traced off quite a few of the patterns. Anyway, I have managed to make the jersey dress hack of the Breton topIMG_8736

This is just the top extended a bit with pockets added.

Breton top

My fabric came from an op shop in Hobart and it doesn’t have a great deal of stretch, so I was a bit concerned whether it would fit, but it’s actually perfect. It’s some lovely cotton fleece, which is really hard to find, so I was delighted both with the cotton and the fact that it has spots. I didn’t have enough to make a full dress so I shortened it to tunic length and it works well with leggings and jeans. I tend to wear it camping, layered against the cold. Here I have it teamed with jeans and a high neck top, both of which are self-drafted patterns.


Whilst I was pottering around taking photos, this lovely tame emu came to visit us.


Hi name is Edward and he lives on a nearby farm, where he is clearly much loved because we noticed that his toe nails have been painted!


He made himself totally at home hanging out by the Airstream – don’t you love the way his knees bend – he looks so strange when he’s sitting down


and swimming in the dam. He looked a bit like the Lock Ness Monster as he splashed around. I’ve never seen an emu swimming before. IMG_9048

He had a bit of a stroll with ArchieIMG_8953

and even entertained us with a dance, some of which I managed to capture if you can be bothered looking at the video. The clicking noise you might be able to hear is Edward.

Anyway, back to my tunic, it is perfect as the weather begins to warm up, and whilst it is comfortable, I do wonder whether I prefer the Coco from Tilly and the Buttons, so I’m not sure I’ll be making another one. IMG_8585


21 thoughts on “GBSB jersey dress hack and an emu

  1. What an awesome visitor! Reading your posts is a bright spot in my day. Thanks for sharing all your projects (even the ones you thought were too boring to share). I always learn something, and your life in Australia is so interesting to me as an American:)

  2. Nice little tunic. When you say you don’t know whether you prefer Tilly’s Coco top or this one, I can’t help thinking how similar many patterns are out there right now. I guess the online sewing community is always growing so there is still space for new similar patterns, but don’t you wish for more diversity sometimes? Anyway, your emu neighbor is unique and entertaining. Always fun reading you!

  3. Dear Sue ‘Attenborough’ Fadanista, Enjoyable post. do you think you could draft a pattern of Edwards’s coat for me?

  4. Ha! There really IS an emu, Sue!
    …..You sure you didn’t just ‘whip this one up’ from some scrap, bush DNA you had lying around in your stash???
    Love the jersey top and am still suspicious of emu origins (look at how he follows Archie about!).
    Too good!

  5. What a great new comfortable tunic. The color suits you well. You’re right there’s a lot of similarity with the coco. Which one is the best? To prefer one above the other is perhaps a very personal matter. Do you travel a lot with the airstream. It looks so big and comfortable from the outside.

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