Coco with a twist

Some time ago I set out to make a Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress from a striped knit, and decided that I wanted the fronts on the bias to get a chevron effect. All well and good, but found it too clingy and put it to one side. I didn’t want to waste the fabric so after a bit of thought and some serendipitous inspiration (a memory of a long ago top), I cut two triangles on the straight grain and inserted them into the side seams. The result? A result!!


I made the neckline higher and rounder to accommodate our cooler weather, using my pattern block, and reduced the length considerably so that I could get it out of the available fabric. I used a bias binding to finish the neckline and for once it behaved – I only had to unpick it once!


At rest, when I’m not twirling (!), the top hangs nicely. Those side godets hang down more than I would like, but I don’t think I have any choice.DSC07183

My pattern matching is not exemplary – in fact, it’s a bit woeful, but with most elements on a different angle, it was nigh on impossible. I would have liked the godets to match with the front, but they were an afterthought, cut out of leftover fabric. I finished up doing a rolled hem on the overlocker and coverstitching the ends of the sleeves. The back of the top is pretty plain, the party is all at the front. DSC07179

This would have been a quick make except for my failure to plan it properly. As soon as I finished I wanted another one, but I’m not sure there’s room for two of these in the wardrobe, I do tend to finish up with everything looking the same. Maybe next year in a different colour way (and yes, I have that fabric lurking in my stash!)DSC07184

The trousers are my self-drafted ones made recently, and the shoes are Rock Spring bought at Heaven Wrapped in Claremont. I am not sure where I bought the fabric for this make – I have so many variations on the black and grey striped theme that I get confused, but it may have been in New Zealand.


20 thoughts on “Coco with a twist

  1. I think that looks great! Better with the godets than, I would think, it was without them. Also I wouldn’t think the pattern matching at the sides would be a problem, unless you plan to walk around holding the sides out? 😃

    1. Thank Trish, I really appreciate comments like this as I beat myself up! I also think that the godets are a bonus, even though I don’t normally like them very much.

  2. This style is so slimming (not that you need it) and it’s partially due to those brilliant chevrons in the front. You should not worry about line matching on the sides: as you say so well, the party is in the front and the centre V’s are just perfect. Great, great work Sue! You really brought this simple pattern to a higher level!

  3. That certainly is a coco with a twist. It looks great Sue. Those chevrons at centre front are very eyecatching and I love the swingy shape. For next time, to avoid the problem of impossible stripe matching of the godets you could make them from a coordinating solid. Just an idea.

  4. I likey. Is pattern matching ia thing when we go all asymmetrical, not even sure it’s possible but working that stuff out always makes my head hurt. You look great btw.

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