Shorts and trousers

Once Mark retired he began to hanker after some different sorts of clothes, and his first request was for some shorts. He is wearing the first pair I made him with his new sports shirt.


These shorts are made from some really nice fabric that I had in my stash, and it was only after I began to make them that I realised that the fabric was a very fine wool. Apparently, though, they are very cool to wear, so that was a bit of a relief.

You can check out the shorts in my previous post, but I’ve also made him a pair of casual trousers using the same pattern, and using some fabric that I bought from Textile Traders at some point. DSC06684

This pattern is Kwik Sew 4045, and it is a brilliant pattern. I have made it several times before, and this time I wanted to do welt pockets on the back, but he prefers patch pockets – go figure! I shall make another pair at some point and just do the welt pockets without telling him.DSC06690

I’ve now made him another couple of pairs which I’m sure will appear in a photo or two teamed with a new shirt (the order is already in for another shirt!), and in the meantime this shirt is in constant rotation between being worn and being laundered.


22 thoughts on “Shorts and trousers

  1. Mark seems to have a perfectly proportionate frame, which must help for the fitting, but still, all the pants, shorts and shirts you’ve been sewing for him have an indisputable made-to-measure quality. You’re gifted and he’s spoiled. What a perfect match!

  2. Thank you – this is a marvelous review …wondering if you would consider loading a review onto pattern review – there are none for this pattern there !

    Happy Australia Day from the East coast

    Keep up the good work – I do enjoy your blog posts ( stumbled on it one day !)



    Jo Verity

  3. Dang girl you are gooood!! Soz, just back from Hawaii! Can I send you my hubby’s measurements? I wonder if because your fella has a neat backside he prefers to show it off with a patch or is it because he prefers to pop his wallet in there? Either way, great work, I bet he’s proud of you.

    1. Lol!Welcome home, I hope you found some fab fabric in Hawaii! I think he has an aversion to welts because the inside pocket lining gets wrinkled. Maybe I just make them badly.

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