Split bottom top take 2

Following on from my first split bottom top, I made a second one to wear on the Singapore Perth leg of our trip home from our recent holiday, as we were arriving in the middle of the day and I knew it would be hot outside. This is taken after a very long flight from London, so I look remarkably perky – it must have been the new top!

IMG_3286 2

Given that it was in a space bag with the trousers for a month prior to this photo, it is remarkably uncreased. It has since been laundered and ironed and put in the wardrobe where it acquired as many creases as in the space bag!


The top is from my self-drafted pattern, which I made in my class at Workspace-FADS, and I made it from a lovely fine, light, silk/cotton blend that I think I bought at The Fabric Store in Sydney, but wouldn’t swear to it.


These tops are really comfortable to wear in our warm weather, and they go with a wide variety of bottoms. Here I have them with my grey trousers of indeterminate age and fabric, but which I love. I’ve also worn it with my new culottes. All the seams are Frenched (can I say that??) and everything used came from my stash.DSC06622

This won’t be the last of these tops that I make, but it might be the last that I show you, unless I modify it in some way. I have got a bit of a yen to make it from a knit and make it a little more fitted. I don’t need to undo the buttons at the front to get it over my head, so I might eliminate the placket and do something interesting with the front. I also fancy a colour blocked one – yep, on second thoughts you might see more of these!

Other details: the orange shoes are divine oxfords that I bought in New York, and the thongs are The Rubz from Heaven Wrapped – hardly been off my feet since I bought them.


22 thoughts on “Split bottom top take 2

    1. They were copied from RTW about 8 years ago and now I’ve lost the pattern so will have to do it again. They are possibly my most favourite trousers but the fabric is very strange – plastic I think!

  1. Everything you sew makes my to-sew list grow longer! This top is no exception. Paired with skinny pants, it makes you look like 6′ tall and it looks so comfy! I also admit that I always enjoy scrutinizing the backdrops of your photos. Here, the stone statue in a yoga pose (child pose) captured my attention – it is splendid. Is it in your own garden? Because I might want to go and steal it!

  2. You certainly do look bright and perky in the first photo considering you have just had a long flight. This is a lovely tunic Sue and I think I prefer it with the wider leg pants…looks more balanced (just my opinion). I’m very impressed with all the patterns you have been drafting yourself.

    1. Now you point that out, you’re right, the wide legs do look more balanced. I am really enjoying the drafting, but don’t know how many classes I’ll get to this year as my husband’s now retired and wants to be going thither and yon!

      1. Move the bust dart to the shoulder somewhere and create the plastron from there. Perhaps you could pin it on your existing top with ribbon to see how wide, how low/high etc?? If you need more advice (and who doesn’t ;Q) I might have a drafting book that explains the process. Xx

      2. I checked out my books and David Coffin has a little tutorial in his Shirtmaking Workbook. Thank you for the idea – now I am wondering if it will make my bust area look even bigger than it is. I might muslin it…

  3. A lovely cool and smart top for travelling and I also like it better with the fuller legs, seems to balance it all better.

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