Lottie dress

I made this dress for an intimate wedding that we attended at the weekend, which had a dress code of smart casual – whatever that means!


I’m not sure why I am calling it my Lottie dress, but the minute I first put it on, that’s the name that came into my mind, so that’s what it is.

The pattern is a self-drafted funnel necked dress that I made during my pattern making class at Workspace-FADS, and I absolutely love it. It is a real pleasure to sew from a pattern where everything lines up and you know the fit is perfect. The fabric is a beautiful 100% cotton knit that I bought on my trip to Hong Kong. I am so glad to have this out of my stash and made into something so wearable.


I was extremely pleased with the pattern placement. I didn’t really have enough fabric for this dress and so I had to work hard to get that wide band at the top of the dress.  The sleeves had to be cut in two pieces to fit them onto the fabric and the pattern matching on the outside seam is so perfect that Mark couldn’t tell that there was a seam down the middle. I was also pretty happy with my side seams.


The wedding ceremony was in a suite in a local hotel and these photos were taken on the balcony. We battled the sun and the wind, and I thought I’d include this photo where I appear to have sprouted horns!


And a final photo of Mark and me taken by one of the other guests. It was a lovely wedding.


The bag is a gold Japanese knot bag, and I am currently hosting a sewalong for this bag. Shoes are Christian Louboutin. Mark is wearing a shirt and trousers made by me. Venue is the Crown Metropol.


32 thoughts on “Lottie dress

  1. Wow! You look so tall and slim on these pics. This is the kind of dress that really emphasizes one of your best features: long legs. And again: these shoes! You look wonderful and so does Mark.

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  2. What a lovely chic dress! and a really good use of your HongKong souvenir. The print is so interesting. It reminds me of that Louis Vuitton dress that was on the cover of Vogue magazine


  3. Your dress is smart and you can dress it casual, too 😉 your pattern placement is impeccable. Together with your chic shoes and your bag it is a perfect outfit. You are such a handsome couple. By the way, I had thought you were tall, too!

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