The Maya Bra: a winner!

I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for the new Maya bra by Ana of Afilimonb, and it is a beauty! Not only that, but it’s free – how amazing is Ana to give this pattern away?


I had been watching Ana slowly and rigorously develop the bra, paying particular attention to measuring and sizing individual bodies, when she made the call for testers. I was that person with their hand in the air saying “pick me, pick me”. Then I was really slow because I went away, so this review is coming after the release of the pattern. Epic fail for a pattern tester.

Anyway, after a gentle query, Ana sent me the size I thought I was, plus a couple of smaller sizes as I wasn’t sure. What’s nice about the pattern is that you can just download your size rather than download a bunch of unneeded sizes. There are 8 pattern pieces, but I did get a tad confused with the three cup pieces. There are not yet any instructions, but Ana has done a comprehensive sewalong for anyone who needs it. However this pattern fits together perfectly. It is the first padded bra that I’ve made and it was pretty much a breeze. I made it alongside Sarah from Workspace-FADS who also was a pattern tester, and it was interesting to get a professional perspective on making a bra. I think this bra is possibly the most professional looking bra I’ve made. It is also the most comfortable! The bra cup is beautifully shaped as it is constructed from three pieces, and the bridge is the perfect width for me. Sarah did give me the very useful tip about sewing the bottom elastic before sewing down the underwire casing. This gave a neat finish and made the sewing very easy.


I also made matching knickers. I used some stretch lace from my stash for the whole bra, including the back, but didn’t want it everywhere on the knickers, so I just added it to the front. DSC05825

The only alteration I made was post completion. The side of the bra band had an alarming gape, so I sewed it down with a dart and it looks like part of the design. Next time I will consider shortening the back band, or stretching the elastic a little more. Apart from this little issue, the bra fits perfectly and that three part cup gives a lovely shape.

I have plans for many more of these bras, in a variety of colours and fabrics. I can totally recommend the pattern and would happily have parted with good money to buy it. It could be made from a simple knit, or from contrasting laces to produce a more glamorous effect.


21 thoughts on “The Maya Bra: a winner!

  1. Wow, Sue, these look amazing! I’m a bit jealous, because I’m busy these weeks and can’t sew any bra. But, hands down, it’s such a delight to see your Maya! Beautiful bra and panties as well. Great choice of fabric 🙂 I hope you perfect the fit and start wearing underwire bras. Thank you very much for your review! With your permission, I’ll link your post to my pattern page since I want people to see beautiful Mayas made by others.

  2. What a fabulous underwear set. I would love to try making bras (I even invested in a Craftsy course) but it seems more like a civil engineering project at my cup size. One day.
    I imagine you will use this pattern lots more 😃

  3. Thanks for the review, Sue. Your lace set looks so professional. I hadn’t heard of this new pattern and it sounds great. Since it’s free I should definitely try my hand at sewing a bra!

  4. This is beautiful! My size has just become available in the pattern, so I’ve just downloaded and printed it and am very excited to get started! I’m not sure what fabric I’ll be using yet, but I love the gorgeous simplicity of your white lace

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