A trip to Galle, Sri Lanka

I was quite lucky because Mark had some business in Galle, Sri Lanka, so I got to accompany him. There is a new highway between Colombo and Galle which is supposed to reduce the travel time to an hour each way, but in reality it was more than 2.5 hours each way. Well worth the visit though!


Apart from an international cricket ground, Galle also has a famous fort dating back to the 16th century. The fort stretches right round the peninsula, and is surrounded by the high sea wall you can see in the background. DSC05656

Some of the buildings are very quaint. I’m not sure what this one is – some sort of bunker perhaps? It was built in the 18th century.


The fort was built by the Dutch but added to during the occupation by “The Britishers”, which was a description I loved, being an ex-Britisher!


The houses were gorgeous, as were the little alleyways, complete with tuk-tuks (or auto rickshaws). If my trousers look a bit weird, it’s because I have them hiked up to keep them out of the puddles – it rained quite a bit whilst we were there.


The square in the middle of the fort has some really interesting trees, and totally delightful buildings.


I’m wearing my new putty coloured wide-legged trousers and the top I made from a Hermes scarf. Mark is wearing shirt and trousers both made by me.

I would like to add that we saw a massive monitor lizard leisurely crossing the road. I may have been a little bit freaked out!


12 thoughts on “A trip to Galle, Sri Lanka

  1. I can’t wait to hear all about your holiday in person! I must say I’m particularly impressed that both you and Mark are wearing outfits totally made by yourself. Absolutely fantastic work!


  2. You both look perfectly elegant thanks to your sewing skills, bravo Sue! And this Hermès top is from the Stylish dress book, isn’t it? Love these sleeves.


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