1960s shirt in a hurry

Archie has been trying to engage me in a conversation about a Woodstock themed party he was to attend this weekend, and I confess to feigning interest, having suggested that attendees hadn’t actually worn too much, so it was easy. Then I was unexpectedly free on Friday so I agreed to go op-shopping with him to find something.  Woodstock was held during the summer and we are in the depths of winter, and he wanted to replicate Jimmy Hendrix’s outfit, below. Golly! and Folly!


Having dragged round a multitude of op shops I finally agreed to make him the shirt (having previously made him tight white jeans he could wear), and I had less than 24 hours to do it, so off we went to Spotlight. I wasn’t taking much notice of the fabric he chose, but after purchasing it I noticed two things: (a) it was swimsuit lycra, and (b) it was the only fabric in the entire store that wasn’t discounted. We had a conversation about whether he would ever wear this shirt again, and he thought not. I decided to make it in such a way that I could reclaim the fabric for me. Luckily it was mostly green, my fave colour!

I thought I would use a shirt pattern from the time, so trawled through my Lutterloh patterns. I chose this one (on the right) as being a vague approximation of Jimmy’s shirt. I think that vague is the right word!! I also like the way the TV is resting on the left hand man’s shoulder. Who remembers those rabbit’s ears?


Before I started I needed feeding. I asked for chocolate and health nut son said no. So then I asked him to cook me lunch (he cooks, I don’t), and every offering he made was far too healthy, so we bickered for a bit and then he relented and made me a toasted cheese sandwich. Best toasted sandwich I’ve ever eaten! I even love the way he put it on a wooden board instead of a plate.


Anyway, back to the problem at hand. So how did I do? Not too badly as it turns out. I knocked it out in a couple of hours – I think the sandwich motivated me. Warning: the following photographs show a lot of bare chest because, er,  that is the look.


I had to replicate the tie and the belt. He managed to buy some sort of dance fabric for the belt!


He tried it on with his father’s sheepskin jacket from the ’60s. It’s what they would have worn at Woodstock had it been held in the winter! The coat got rejected as not looking right. Silly boy!

A better shot of the shirtDSC04888

I didn’t finish any of the hems, but I did manage a bit of decent pattern matching!


So off he went to the party in the middle of a storm, with bare chest and bare feet! I hope it was all worth it…

Details: Pattern is Lutterloh from my 1960s collection. Fabric is swimsuit lycra from Spotlight, with a strip of dance satin for the belt. The jeans are KwikSew 3504. He wasn’t wearing a great deal more than this :)!

I had to put this photo in – he’ll kill me, but it seems to have a Woodstock vibe, if you know what I mean!



24 thoughts on “1960s shirt in a hurry

  1. Oh Sue you are a wonderful mom…you let him go outside without shoes…Your story made me lol…show us photos if he won anything,,,and hope he tells everyone his mum made his look……

    1. No prizes, Lori, it was just a birthday party (all that effort!). He did take some shoes for afterwards, you’ll be pleased to know. Yes, he told everyone that I made the whole outfit.

  2. AWESOME! I mean equally: your son’s incredibly perfect shape, this eye-candy fabric, your brilliant rendition of Jimmy Hendrix’ look AND this mouth-watering grilled cheese. Brrrrravoooo!

  3. Archie certainly looks the part and I agree I can’t see him wearing the shirt again. I am sure he will get lots of wear from the jeans, they look great on him.

  4. You are the Queen of the Machine Sue Stoney! I am in awe!
    …and tell your son that he has exactly the right kind of chest to show off in that magnificent shirt. In my view he should “Go Woodstock” again and often.
    V. Cool.
    Peace sister.

  5. Another great effort Sue – I just love those special challenges you keep getting thrown at you! Archie is such a cool one …….. (should be modelling professionally!). We are home and looking forward to having a chat sometime. x

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