Dressing gown for my mother

I’ve made my mother a dressing gown for her birthday! This garment had a few requirements – it needed to be super soft and snuggly, it needed to be blue (her favourite colour) and it needed to have a cuteness factor.


Here it is on Doris, and please note that it doesn’t fit at all. My mother is 4″8″ tall and is quite, ahem, curvy.

I used one of Mum’s own patterns for this – Style 2999 from 1976, so this actually fits my vintage pledge as well. I note that she had never actually made this pattern up, so it has sat in her stash since the ’70s. I really like this pattern; the stand up collar and the shape of the gown itself. I have a bit of a yearning for the bed jacket for myself…

Scan 1

The problem I faced is that Mum has clearly put on weight since buying the pattern, and this is a single sized pattern, so I had to do assorted grading up, particularly in the bust, and I am not terribly good at this.

You will also see that the fabric is rather, er, childlike. Yes, this is the case. The minute I saw it I knew that Mum would love it. She has dementia (the happy sort) and loves teddy bears. Looking at these photos I note that the teddies all appear to be upside down. Actually they are upside down, but there are a few that are the right way up (look at the bottom left). Strangely enough, and even though I took the teddy direction into account, the bulk of these teddies face upwards, so not sure what’s happened. However Mum will love this, so I’m pretending that it’s a design feature!

The pockets are doubled over so that they are fleecy on the inside too. I hope that she can find them to keep her hands warm on our chilly mornings.

I had a strip of fabric left over so I bound it with satin bias binding and turned it into a little wrap. I thought that she would be able to snuggle into this when she’s dressed in her day clothes. Do you like the nonchalant pose?


The fabric is pure plastic fleece. It was a nightmare to have present in my house. It shed bits like snow and I was constantly cleaning up. I had to wear an apron to protect my clothes – this is what I looked like if I didn’t


All the tiny scraps are now hermetically sealed in a plastic bag.

Details: Pattern is Style 2999. I cannot find any reference to this pattern at all on the internet, which is interesting. The fabric is a polyester fleece from Spotlight. The buttons came from Mum’s own stash. I can’t wait to give this to her and just hope that it fits!



23 thoughts on “Dressing gown for my mother

  1. The little wrap with satin binding is such a nice addition to this already adorable robe. That’s a great present for your little mom (how lucky you are to still have her!) As for shedding fleece, I’ve been there! Some years ago, I had to have my sewing machine all cleaned up by a professional after sewing polar fleece sweaters for my kids! Bits got sticked inside to oily parts!

  2. OMG – I love the the dressing gown. Your Mum will love it! It looks so warm and cuddly!xx

  3. This dressing gown is gorgeous and I see a lot of love in its making. The wrap is a lovely touch!

  4. This is too gorgeous for words!! It looks so soft and snuggly, the blue is such a pretty shade, and the teddies are fun. You are a very good daughter 🙂

  5. This is a lovely snuggly dressing gown. And from her point of view, ie looking down at it, the teddy bears will be the right way up! Glad it is the happy sort. All best wishes to you and your Mum.

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