Zebra Nettie

Standing in front of the aptly named pincushion hakea or hakea laurina

I bought this zebra print knit in Spotlight when I found it in the remnant bin and thought it would be perfect for another Nettie bodysuit as it has a 2-way stretch – or is that 4-way stretch? Whatever, it stretches every which way!

Then the theme for this week’s Me-Made-May was “animals” and I thought this would be the perfect thing to wear.

I wore it for a 3 hour drive and it was so, so comfortable, and the perfect layering item for our current weather. I did start out with a Miette cardigan as well, but the weather proved to be too warm for it.

Not a lot to be said, this is just another Nettie, no changes made to the pattern, except I’ve started making the neckband about 3cm longer and this has the added benefit of not pulling the shoulder seams in quite so far.

This is the unfortunately named “snottygobble” tree or Persoonia longifolia

Back to the Me-Made-May theme, here is the only animal I could find today. I will admit that there is something slightly disconcerting about having a kangaroo bouncing towards you, especially when trying to take selfies. The trick is to stand there with arms at sides, as raised arms mean “I want to fight you”! This one, however, is a bit of a pussycat and after an ear rub, he bounced off again.


In a nutshell: Closet Case Files Nettie bodysuit in a zebra print stretch knit. I am also wearing my zebra print undies made for Jungle January. Yoga pants are a Lutterloh pattern – I have about 4 pairs of these, all from different patterns, but they all look the same! Also wearing knitted socks.


16 thoughts on “Zebra Nettie

  1. I imagine that I speak for several of us here in the U.S. (Illinois) when I say that I enjoy it when you talk about and show your native animals and plants. And yes, a kangaroo bouncing toward one could be a bit disconcerting. Our native and numerous white tailed deer are not near so friendly. I am always pleased to see another post from you since you are so prolific and get so much sewing finished. I can’t keep up with you.

    1. Thanks Carol, I will try to include more plants – the animals can be elusive, although I have seen emus drinking from the dam.

      1. Oh yes, your Emus. My late husband and I got on the big bird raising trend during the 90’s and raised Emus. We started out with one young pair that we paid big bucks for. We had 7 breeding pair at one time. We built a big brooder house, bought incubators and raised the little monsters for several years. They lay their eggs in the middle of the night in our cold and freezing December. I would have to stay up very late and check all of our pens to get the eggs before they froze and get them into my incubators.will Crazy memories about trying to make money. We did very well though.
        So I will shut up and to keep your blog on a sewing note I did not make dresses for our Emu but I did almost everything else for them including butchering and eating them.

      2. My mother had a pet emu and it used to chase me round the garden. Not my favourite things. Interesting that you had them in the US.

  2. This would certainly be the perfect outfit for yoga as the top would not be pulling up during asanas, but I’m not totally convinced about the comfort factor… I imagine I would feel some extra bulkiness around the hips and derrière, although it doesn’t look bulky on you.

  3. ton and pants look stunning on you Sue! It looks like you have the fit of the Nettie perfect!

  4. Oh my goodness! That kangaroo came at you directly! I’m quaking in my boots here, half a world away. Great Nettie, of course. Where do you learn about the weekly themes for Me Made May? I didn’t know about them.

    1. Ebi if you go to the discussion page you’ll find the link to themes. This Friday is “My Place” – your town, garden, anywhere you like to be. The kangaroo was a bit scary but they normally bounce away so I figured he wasn’t going to disembowel me!

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