Shelby sweat pants

In a triumph of hope over optimism, I made another StyleArc pattern. This time the Shelby sweat pants, which look so good in the drawing. Mine don’t look so good!


I used a lovely fleece cotton knit and a rib sample for the contrasting waistband and cuffs. The pattern was interesting. The instructions for the zipped pockets refer to a tutorial on the StyleArc website which doesn’t exist, and they are described as in-seam pockets, which they clearly aren’t.

shelby sweat pants

Once again they don’t fit me as closely as the image would have me believe, but I think the sizing is right.


Anyway, it was all good. I worked it out. I was determined to use zips from my stash, and used metal zips for the pockets, which was probably a bit of an error. They aren’t nice to put hands in as they are rough, but on the up side, my phone doesn’t fall out.

The cuffs are also zipped, but I haven’t undone them once, so that was a waste. In spite of all this, the sweatpants are extremely warm and comfortable and are perfect for mooching around in whilst camping.


We had a surprise visit from this little fellow today. He’s obviously been hand reared and interacted with all of us, sniffing our hands and even allowing me to pat him. I think I’ve seen a posting on Facebook about him and his name is Jarrah. Sadly he’s been castrated so although he’s living in the wild, he’s treated as an outcast by the other kangaroos, so will be lonely.


In a nutshell: StyleArc Shelby Sweatpants in a fleecy cotton knit, bought from an unknown source. I am wearing my blue White Russian, fingerless gloves and socks knitted by me, and me-made underwear. This is what I wore for MMM Day 9.

One more photo of Jarrah – isn’t he adorable?



15 thoughts on “Shelby sweat pants

  1. Wow! This friendly kangoroo is so cute! I hope he won’t get too attached to you though. Your sweat pants look totally fine and the contrasting cuffs add interest. This is my kind of pants for training and hiking in the woods (but no chance to see kangoroos here!).

    1. I don’t think he’ll get attached to us Hélène, I think he does the rounds of other property owners in the area. The pants are comfy, but not elegant!

  2. I think you have some very practical sweat pants there. (You should see what I wear when working in our yard! No, maybe you shouldn’t!). Jarrah is so cute! He reminds me of our “wild” deer. They are all over the place. Some people feed them even, so of course they come back for more and end up eating up your gardens, trees, and flowers! I have even seen one try to walk into our neighbours’ house! It’s unfortunate that some people think wild things should be pets. I think I am ranting now and shall stop! 😳

    1. The vast majority of kangaroos don’t go anywhere near people, but this one would have been rescued as a joey and is therefore very tame.

  3. I think the track pants look great and perfect for your bush retreat.
    Jarrah is adorable, have you seen any emu’s yet. Hope you were spoilt for Mothers Day.

  4. Your track pants looks perfect for camping and if you want to refine the fit for the next you know where to start.

    Jarrah is a cutie but I feel sorry for him as well, how does he cope.

    1. Thanks Sharon. I think Jarrah copes by visiting all the neighbours and going back to where he was reared. Not sure I’d make these pants again…

  5. I like the trousers – they look really comfortable and warm. Special thanks for the pictures of you in your White Russian stroking a Kangaroo – bringing a smile to my face here at my desk in rainy London!

  6. Hi – I also made the shelby and wasn’t thrilled with the fit in the back – I though it was my behind but I think the cut isn’t quite right – do you plan to make them again and what would you change?

    1. I think I would change quite a bit, Jillian, so probably wouldn’t bother with them again. I note that I never wear them which is a shame as the fabric is lovely. I might remake them now you’ve made me think about them.

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