Basic Black Pattern N

I have made the shirt Pattern M from Basic Black recently and I wanted to make Pattern N which is a shirt dress, using pattern M as the basis.


Apologies for the poor quality photos but I carefully took my camera off to the river only to find that I had inadvertently left the memory card behind. Doh! These are taken by Mark using my phone.

What can I say about this dress? I adore the fabric, which was donated to my stash by the oft-mentioned friend, Thelma (who also gave me the pattern book). The fabric is actually reversible, with the other side being white on black, rather than black on white. I tried using the black side as a feature, but it looked odd. It is a cotton/poly blend with a lovely hand, soft but stable.


The shirt fitted me perfectly but I feel as though the dress is a little large. It’s also a bit shapeless and I’ve had to pull it in with a belt. When I look at the photo in the pattern book, the dress looks vaguely shapely and I am tempted to take mine apart and cinch it in a bit.

Christian Lacroix

Of course, it could be the model making the difference 🙂 My dress is also shorter as I didn’t have sufficient fabric, but I would love a long version. Another time…

Today is the beginning of Me-Made-May’15 and I was pleased to wear something new for the first day. However, I have already broken my pledge, which was to wear only me-made clothes, as I attended the investiture of our new Vice-Chancellor, which is a very ceremonial occasion requiring academic regalia from processing academics. I am obliged to report that I did not make my own gown, hood, and trencher cap!


Our lovely colleague (and Fadanista follower) Ann took this photo and I thought I would share it, for the benefit of my family. How is Mark’s hat (embarrassingly called a bonnet)? It is at least 2 sizes too small. I do note that he is wearing the trousers and shirt that I made him and I also knitted the socks that he’s wearing. I think this should cancel out my transgression!

In a nutshell: Japanese pattern book, pattern N, shirt dress made from lovely cotton blend fabric donated to my stash. Shoes are Paul Carroll.



10 thoughts on “Basic Black Pattern N

  1. Your knew shirt dress looks cool and comfortable – a success in my opinion. I agree that the silhouette could be a tad more adjusted, but the black belt makes it work. Your ceremonial regalias are something (especially Mark’s hat) but my eyes were caught by your awsome black shoes. I suspect that we share the same taste and passion for shoes!

      1. Sorry, I meant “your NEW shirt dress”. What an awful mistake!

  2. The model is fabulous as is the dress. It is very classic. I agree that taking in the sides a bit is a good idea. I also think you should undo the top button to balance the proportions and possibly wear a narrower belt. Those bonnet hats are hilarious. I had to wear one for my graduation and felt so silly in it!

  3. Love the picture of you and Mark – very smart! Do like the dress but agree it is a little big.

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