Sewing covers

Having completed the February stashbusting challenge, my thoughts turned to some non-clothing related sewing.

I have been wanting to make a cushion for this very ugly box which we are going to use to store towels and blankets on our weekend block. I found some block foam and cut it to size.


We wouldn’t normally need such a large box for towels and blankets, but I wanted to store some “staple” items for any unexpected visitors to use.

My sister bought a whole roll of this fabric from an op shop and proceeded to hide it in my house. I found it last week and, whilst I don’t care for it at all, it is coated cotton, so is perfect for this, and I don’t mind if it gets dirty or damaged.

It’s been many years since I made a box cushion and I consulted my Vogue home furnishing book. This made it really simple. I inserted a couple of zips so that I can take the cover off for laundering. The zips came from my mother’s stash, they are recycled and don’t match in colour or length, but do the job brilliantly.


With the scraps I made a couple of covers for my sewing machine and overlocker. Both of these machines had covers with handle holes in the top. This is useless as the dust just goes through the holes. I have examined machine covers on pinterest, but I didn’t want a straight fabric cover as this just absorbs the dust. I wanted a coated fabric and had considered vinyl until I found this fabric.


I used more of the builders string and stashbusted some bias binding to pipe the edges of my sewing machine cover.

For some reason I decided to bind the outside edges of the overlocker cover. I have to say that corded piping would have been easier.


I got rid of more unattractive fabric, but I note that I can finally close the lid on the box that holds my bias binding.

So, I had a very productive day’s sewing and it’s nice that I don’t have to find room in my wardrobe for this little lot 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sewing covers

    1. It is wonderful, Linda. I wanted to practice on ugly fabric and now I might have another go with some nicer stuff – when my fabric buying embargo is over 🙂

  1. Love my Vogue Home Sewing book it does make sewing for the home much easier. Now your machine covers look very good, I’m still trying to get mine done.

  2. Machine covers are exactly what I need. I spent some time over the weekend dusting my sewing machine and overlocker and I was quite shocked at how much dirt had accumulated. I tend to leave them uncovered (I have a dedicated sewing room) so they are always at the ready for whenever I get the time/urge to sew. Your new covers look great and the piping is a nice feature.

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