1970s mashup


This dress is a conglomeration of two patterns from the early ’70s and I thought I would embellish it with a flower as a nod to the era of peace and love. The patterns I used are the bodice from Vogue 8299

Vogue1291 copy

and the skirt from Style 4232 as gathered skirts don’t suit me. At all. I was pretty darned pleased with myself as I had to fit the skirt on to the top. The patterns were vaguely similar in size although I had to grade both down at the top and the bottom but not the middle!

Vogue1291 1

The neckline on the Vogue pattern is very low so I had the presence of mind to raise the front by 3cms and the back by 2.5cms. However, it is also very wide, and I hadn’t realised this until it was too late. Could I live with it? I decided not, so I put a small pleat in the front and then added the daisy as the previously mentioned acknowledgement of the era.


This was reasonably successful, but I thought it was still a bit wide in the back.


Playing about with it at work, one of my colleagues lifted it on the shoulders and all my fit issues miraculously vanished. So I have sorted that now. This did bring the already high bust darts into the ridiculous zone, so they had to be adjusted too. I dropped them by 3cms but think I could have gone more.


The only other variation is that I underlined the fabric. This is my new favourite thing to do. It gives the fabric body, makes it feel luxurious and wonderful, and means that I am confident that there will be no inadvertent diaphanous areas.

Although this photo doesn’t really show the difference in the back neckline, it feels completely different and very much better.


The details: Patterns are Vogue 8299 and Style 4232, fabric is green linen from Potters Textiles underlined with white cotton lawn also from Potters Textiles. The belt and both buckles are vintage (1980s) and the necklace in the first version is green glass and gold from the 1950s and in the second it’s venetian glass from the 1960s. The daisy is from a necklace donated to my cause by Gabi at Heaven Wrapped. The shoes are quite modern!


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  1. I am in awe of your ability to spot pattern potential in such dated pattern envelopes. I wouldn’t have given them a second thought. Lovely dress.

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