A delightful discovery

I haven’t had time to get photographs of things I’ve made in preparation for spring, but I am missing my blogging so went for a trawl through my photo stash and thought I’d share something of my Mum’s.

A while back I found this roll of what I thought was calico, which I found when we cleaned out Mum’s sewing room.


I set it aside for that improbable time when I would want to make a muslin. Well, the day came and I started unrolling the fabric, only to discover that (a) it wasn’t calico, and (b) underneath the large outside piece of fabric were a large number of squares, all handpainted by my mother. Here is a small sample.


Sorry the bird is upside down, but you get the idea. Most of the panels are Australian wildflowers and birds but, bizarrely Mickey and Minnie get into the action. They are uber cute though!


I felt rather sad about these squares; my Mum has been in a nursing home for a couple of years and her hands are so arthritic, she can’t paint, draw, sew or knit, but it’s clear that she is extremely talented. Amongst the squares are some soft cotton t-shirt fronts which she has also painted. I might make them up for nightwear for me as they are no longer suitable for her.


I have had a passing fancy for making a quilt, and now I am determined to turn these panels into something that won’t sit in a cupboard but which honours all the effort, love and care that Mum put into these. Some of the panels are unfinished but the outlines are drawn in and I’m going to include them. I don’t know what her intentions were, but they say “quilt” to me, and that’s what I’ll do.

And finally, another photograph of a beautiful garden in Hobart. How is this for a tree?



17 thoughts on “A delightful discovery

    1. Yes, it’s sad when people lose the ability to create and I think she gets frustrated. She gets about with knitting needles and pretends to knit!

  1. Not only are the paintings exquisite, but to know that these were created by your own mum must be unbelievably special. My daughter asks me often if I would paint some pictures for her … keepsakes for the future. After seeing your treasures, I feel inspired to make a start.
    Have you thought about framing each panel??
    Sofia x

    1. I hadn’t thought about framing each panel, but it’s an idea worth considering. You really must paint some keepsakes for your daughter – she will be able to hand them down to her children.

    1. Yes, that had occurred to me. I might see if my Mum remembers them and ask her what she intended doing with them. They are even more beautiful in real life.

  2. They are amazing, what a find. She may well enjoy talking to you about them and remembering when she painted them and why. Wish my stash had something that exquisite in!

    1. Sadly my Mum has dementia and doesn’t remember them, but does remember the t-shirt. It’s a weird thing but on another day she might remember them…

  3. What an precious find ! It’s great to see you’re still blogging. You might inspire me to get back into it (but don’t be surprised if I don’t)

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