Green wool scarf


Gabi from Heaven Wrapped donated another couple of wool scarves for me to play with and I chose this gorgeous emerald one to start with. Gabi did tell me that I could refine my technique with this one and I was most indignant because I’ve already refined my technique. We all laughed. Then I was reminded about pride coming before the fall!DSC00114

This scarf is longer and skinnier than the others and I thought it would make a great shirred dress.DSC00113

After some thought, I decided that all I would do would be to cut a hole in the middle for a neck and bind it with some nice contrasting fabric, sew up the sides and attach elastic from the bottom to somewhere near the armhole. Simple huh?

Good plan? Yep. I made the whole thing, trying on as I went and it was very tiiiight! I figured this would be ok as it needed to be tight to support the ruching. I laboriously sewed elastic into both sides, tried it on, and even Mark frowned (and he never frowns!). It was… odd. So tight that my every lump, bump and unfortunate curve showed, in spite of the ruching, which didn’t work at all. It was too ghastly to photograph on my person.


An evening of unpicking and experimenting on Doris the dummy and I came up with a cunning plan. A two tiered top… except that didn’t work either as I finished up with a really lumpy bit round my middle. More unpicking ensued. It was too ghastly to photograph.

In the end I took off the second tiered ruffly bit and just left the top as a straight t-shirt with short sleeves. Looks ok. I can wear it with a long sleeved top underneath, as here, or by itself when the weather warms up.


I absolutely love the colour.



Another scarf from Heaven Wrapped, Claremont used to make a regular t-shirt. Jeans are NYDJ and boots are PK from Soletto Shoes in Highgate.  Belt is from SAB55 in Claremont. Setting is my garden!



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  1. That green looks fantastic with your coloring. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how some of our experiments go just the way we had hoped while others are a lot more tricky? Anyway, you ended up with a great tee.

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