Coco double act

I was going to entitle this blog “Two little maids are we” but thought better of it, however we do look rather, er, twinlike! (only in the clothing department!!)



Hot on the heels of Gabby’s Coco top, I made one for myself from the other two scarves that she kindly donated.


I made her wear her top to work so that we could model them together – very cheesy.

We had a lovely time larking about in her shop doing mad poses.

Here is a closeup of my version, which I am thrilled with. This is a top which could take me from work to dinner.


and the back view

DSC09875The details: Pattern is Tilly & The Buttons Coco Top, slightly modified to accommodate the fabric, which is two scarves, made from shirred wool. First two photographs were taken in Gabby’s shop, Heaven Wrapped, Old Theatre Lane, Claremont (interesting to note that I was commissioned to buy a bag that one of my friends saw in the first lot of photos taken in her shop – a great result!)



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  1. Having seen this top in the flesh I can testify to its luxe loveliness. A triumph of the scarves (Coco would be impressed)

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