Bronte top # 2

Having made the first Bronte top, I immediately went through my stash and found this green and white polka dot for number two, which I made as part of the trio of tops on the day I left for Hong Kong.


The eagle eyed among you will notice that this top has the neckline going in the correct direction (ie back on top of the front shoulder) whereas my first one had the back neckline tucked under the front. Now I can compare the two, I think I prefer the way I did it the first time, but will continue to experiment with this top.



This fabric is a cotton knit that I bought in a Spotlight super sale for $3 a metre (score!) but it is not very stretchy which is why it is tugging a bit round the shoulders. I probably should have made it one size bigger (nothing to do with the fact that I’ve put on weight with all this travelling and all those dinners!).

The photo below was taken from the Apple store on HK island, and shows me posing with my part-time photographer, Bea.


After visiting the shopping mall, we ventured back to the Central Market where I had already bought a tiny* bit of fabric (*yes, I am telling fibs here). This market is amazing and I will do a guide to buying fabric in Hong Kong in my next post, but for now, have a look at this one little store…

DSC09751 DSC09752

Most of this fabric is designer and is probably a lot cheaper than we could get it in Australia, but I still had to get myself under control! I had to show this photo because I was obviously seriously getting into the stash stock. The woman in pink is the owner of the store and a saleswoman extraordinaire. Yes, I spent money here, but even worse, I added to my pile of things to make – groan. Some of the fabric is so gorgeous that I know I will have nightmares before cutting into it.



Details: Top is the Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte top made from green and white spotted knit from Spotlight. I am also wearing my old favourite white pants with it. Setting is Hong Kong, and photographs were taken by my fellow fabric shopper, Bea.

I am home again now and much of the fabric is washed and hanging on the line. Now I need time to make it all up!!


10 thoughts on “Bronte top # 2

  1. It looks like you are on fabric heaven. How can you NOT spend in that store! Even I want to and I can’t sew!

  2. I will look forward to your list of fabric shops in HK. This one looks amazing and your Bronte top is lovely. It looks like a really nice pattern.

  3. Haha, yep; one would have to be *very* eagle eyed indeed to spot the shoulder detail in that picture!! It’s a very cute little top, I love it in the green polka dot. And that shop!! Sheer heaven!

  4. Yep – this top is very you and love the polka dots. Can’t wait to see some of the fabric you have brought home. You might need a larger stash cupboard!

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