Cardigan take 2

I thought I might make a cardigan and found McCalls 2128 in my stash which suited my purposes well. There are 8 different versions and I chose the round necked, three-quarter length sleeve version.

Mccalls 2128

This pattern is from the 1990s but I think it is still relevant fashion wise. Anyway, I had a go at it using some beautiful cotton knit. However, disaster struck: I made it whilst in a distracted state and I don’t think I tried it on, although I did put it on my dressmaker’s form. Anyway, I wore it for the first time in Stockholm and decided that it was much too big. Here is a photo of me trying to make it looks like it fits. DSC09209-2Ghastly! So when I got home I remade it. I cut about 4cms off each shoulder, took in the sleeves and the sides of the body and I feel a bit happier with it (note the happier facial expression!). DSC09616

I think that the sleeves now sit much better and it doesn’t feel as baggy in the body. DSC09617

I thought it sat flatter at the back, so I’m not sure why it’s caught at the hip here, perhaps I need to do a sway back adjustment, but it’s much more comfortable to wear than in its first iteration. I tried to get an interesting photo out and about in Hong Kong, but everytime I went outside, the camera lens fogged up and I didn’t have a cloth to clean it, but I will get some better photos before I leave, promise. The only other thing worth mentioning is that my buttonholes were a bit tragic, so I didn’t cut them, simply sewing the buttons over the top, so that this is no longer a cardigan. I also used the fabric from my licorice allsorts as facings for this top, which was supposed to show when the cardigan was unbuttoned.

It was a tad plain so I used some buttons that Kate from Buttonmania sold me. These were all white buttons that she has dyed in different colours. Needless to say I have a large number of these buttons, and it’s great because they are all the same size and shape making it easy to mix and match as takes my fancy.

Details: Pattern is McCalls 2128 from the 1990s. Fabric is cotton knit from Knitwit, buttons are from Buttonmania, Melbourne, photographs were taken by my friend Bea who attended the same conference.

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