Another Coco!

I have three lots of this remnant in my stash (go figure – I liked it so much, I wanted it all!) and thought I would use one lot on a Coco with a neckline modification. Basically I reduced the boat neck a bit so I wouldn’t get such a cold neck in the winter. I could have gone higher but thought it would change the shape too much.


Not sure what that look on my face is about – I might have been having a laugh with my sister!

You might be wondering why I put a yoke on this top. The answer is that the fabric is reversible and I planned to have the yoke, pocket and cuffs made from the other side, but didn’t like it once I had cut it all out.

Not a problem? hmm, well it was because the stripes on the yokes ran the same way as the bodice and I didn’t like it. I had to scrabble around and chevron two new yokes – please note that I could easily have got these from the other two remnants in my stash, but I’m stubborn like that.


Having gone to all this trouble, the chevrons aren’t even visible – oh well!


This is the perfect weight top for this time of the year – it is a cotton knit but is quite thick. It would have been a really quick make if I hadn’t messed around with the yoke and the neckline, but I am happy with the way it turned out.

Looking at this photo of the back though, I wonder if I need to make some adjustments to the pattern. Is it a sway back? A fat hip? Not sure, but if I pull it down it sits flat, I just forget to pull it down.


So basically I lurve this top. It is comfy, can be teamed with an assortment of my clothes and I think it is smart enough to wear to the shops, but casual enough to go camping in.

Details, details

Coco top in a cotton knit from Knitwit. Pants are Barb pants from StyleArc. Boots (which don’t really go with the rest) are PK.


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  1. As I say basics are important in a wardrobe. What I really like about this top is the sleeve and pocket – adds a little variety! You are lucky your sisters aren’t lining up and putting in their orders! Tx

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