The most boring top

I have had a bit of a difficult time lately and have made things that I am not happy with – such as a jacket, which will have to be turned into a skirt – somehow. I will blog this when I do it. In the meantime, I decided I needed a really simple, mindless make to get my mojo back and so I made this top.


It is Vogue 8793 also made hereย and here. I took the collar off and raised the neckline a bit. The darker colour at the front is actually the reflection of my face – I had a large nose shadow – so attractive!

I’ll give you a back view and then give up on it.



Top is Vogue 8793 made from a really fine orange merino knit from Knitwit. The leggings are from a vintage Lutterloh pattern.

Today is the last day of Me-Made-May’14 and I have enjoyed it so much. I pledged to wear something me made every day, and I don’t think I wore any RTW garments except tights, for the whole month. I even managed to wear home-grown underwear every day. I did repeat a couple of basics, such as trousers, but I was able to have no repeats of the main items of clothing.

I have seen so many new patterns, particularly fromย Japanese designers such asย Tamanegi-kobo. I am trying to resist everything as I am beyond embarrassed by my various stashes. One of the things I have loved is the community aspect of this Flickr group. People are so generous with their comments and I have laughed out loud at some of them, so would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to any of you who might wander through this blog, and hope to “meet” you again next year, if not before.





9 thoughts on “The most boring top

  1. Hi Sue, I too have enjoyed Me Made May SO MUCH! It’s been great to see all your outfits and the picture of your stash keeps making me chuckle! I know how you feel about needing a mindless make, I’m about to cut out my second Cambie dress but I think I need to make some more knickers just to get the a quick fix before I have to concentrate on the dress!

  2. Congrats on making it through Me Made May you are inspirational! There is nothing boring about this top, basics are excellent to have in the wardrobe. Love the colour!

  3. Nothing boring with your top, love the colour and you can have so much fun with it. MMM was great again this year and have enjoyed seeing all your garments.

  4. The top is lovely, sue. It is a gorgeous colour and testifies very positively to your MOJO.


  5. Wow! It sounds like you totally busted your pledge right out of the water! You pledged to wear one me-made a day but you wore ONLY me-mades! I think you underestimated yourself there. Plus that isn’t a boring top. How can a bright orange top ever be boring?! It’s fabulous and so are you xx

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