Tanko top

Today was the Perth Quilt and Craft Fair and I took a day’s leave to go and play with a couple of my crafty friends.

I wore my just finished Dairing Tanko top – upside down so that I got that cowly neck.

Photo from 22 May 2014 (2) 2

The photos were taken at the Quilt and Craft Fair on my iPhone by my friend Sophie, so the quality is a bit dodgy (because of the phone, not because of Sophie!).

I am in front of a quilt that isn’t technically a quilt (they have rules – who knew?) but I loved it (a) because of the ’60s vibe, and (b) I thought it was one within my capabilities.

Photo from 22 May 2015

I look terribly untidy, but I had had a long day – I had to dance before the show and won a prize (just for participating, not for talent!) and I think it was downhill from there.

Photo from 22 May 2014 (1) 2

Details: Top is the Dairing Tanko top, hand knitted (bought at last year’s fair), worn over StyleArc Laura tee-shirt, modified. Trousers are StyleArc Barb made from ponte from Knitwit. Necklace is also made from yarn I bought at the Dairing stand at last year’s fair, and the belt was a gift from the aforementioned Sophie. I am also wearing hand made undies and machine knitted socks.

The quilt was made by Nettie Clark in 2002.


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