I have been collecting Knitwit patterns for a while, but keep forgetting about them. Then I found this one during my tidy up and thought that it was just the thing to make a top from some fabric that I bought at Knitwit, the shop which used to sell these patterns (a nice symmetry, I thought)


The pattern is from 1971 and has just two pattern pieces – now this is my sort of pattern!

You’ll note that it is a raglan sleeved jumper and I think that the neckline is too high. When I checked the instructions (tonight!) I note that I should have cut two inches from the front neckline. It’s what is causing those wrinkles at the front. Next time!


The back view is good though!



and the view across the water is pretty nice as well!


I didn’t use the stipulated knitted bands on the cuffs because (a) I didn’t have any of the right colour, and (b) I thought it wouldn’t look right. I just made cuff bands out of the same fabric and it worked brilliantly.

So, a basic top that ticks my stashbust box (I’ve had the fabric for more than a year), and the vintage pledge, and is nicely weather appropriate.

The details: pattern is Knitwit raglan sleeve top from 1971, fabric is from Knitwit, pants are the Vogue 8859 blogged here. Bag is “The Sak” from Heaven Wrapped in Claremont, and Shoes are Alejandro Ingelmo.  They are among my favourites, so I took a pic of them



Cheers m’dears…




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