A stripey Sorbetto

I have made another Sorbetto


I originally bought this fabric to make my baby son a pair of trousers and he is now nearly 24! Yes, that’s how old this fabric is!!


It was clearly a remnant and is green and white striped cotton and I had just enough to get the Sorbetto tank from it, with a slightly longer back  and no front centre pleat. You can see my slight pattern modification below.


Now I’ve learned to chevron, every piece of striped fabric is going to have pointy bits, and so I’ve put a tiny chevroned pocket on it! Not overly well placed, but it’s ok.


As you can see, I have moved out of my garden and the City of Perth is in the background. I thought you all might enjoy a change of scenery (and, for some of you, a bit of sunshine!)



Sorbetto tank using striped cotton bought at Lincraft more than 20 years ago. Skirt is my self-drafted pencil skirt. Shoes are new (more new shoes! Don’t tell my husband!!), once again they are Neo, this time from Zomp in Claremont.


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