Crumby cardigan

I made a Miette cardigan and had a notion that “miette” meant something small and sweet, but my recent investigations show that it means “crumb”. Hmm. Whatever. I’ve made a crumby cardigan!!


The weather is clearly too hot for wearing said cardigan, but I couldn’t wait for autumn (could be months away) to show it off.

I have seen untold versions of this cardigan in every hue and shade. I simply went to my stash and used the first lot of yarn that I could find, in this case a Filatura di Crosa Zarina, in a magnificent red. The pattern calls for a worsted yarn, which is much thicker than I used, so I had to fiddle a bit to get the tension right and I think the front darts are a bit transparent, but a camisole underneath sorts out all the problems.

The problem was that I had 10 balls of the yarn, and after completing the cardigan I still have 6! Sooo, not so successful at using my stash of Zarina. I am going to have to make a striped jumper methinks.

A photograph of the original Miette pattern shows that it is also red (and whilst I am highly suggestable, I swear the red chose me rather than the other way round), and that it is cropped quite short with 3/4 length sleeves.


I added one pattern repeat to mine to make it slightly longer, and made the sleeves full length. I wanted the cardigan to sit into my waist but not look really short. I also thought that full length sleeves would be more useful in winter – not that I’m going to be able to wear much under this, it’s pretty fitted!


I really didn’t want to buy buttons and toyed with having every button red, but a different style as I didn’t have 8 matching red buttons in my stash. Whilst I like this idea and will be using it on something in the future, I thought that I would like the buttons to be contrasting so chose these (faux) wooden ones bought from the Perth Quilt and Craft Fair.


I am probably the last person on earth to make this cardigan, but if you haven’t I can recommend it. It is knitted in one piece, from the top down and although the pattern looks a bit tricky, it isn’t. It is so easy to knit and there is even a knitalong with lots of useful info.

Oh, and an added bonus about this pattern? It’s FREE! How Andy, the designer, can make this cardigan free is beyond me (but it’s a lovely gift to us all 🙂 ), because it so elegantly designed.

The details:

Pattern: Miette cardigan, found on, free

Yarn: Filatura di Crosa, Zarina, bought in Auckland NZ

Buttons: Wooden painted, Perth Quilt and Craft Fair

Skirt: Vogue 1247


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