So, last day of Me-Made-May ’13 and I decided to make red jeans – my first ever attempt and I am pretty pleased with them. I bought the fabric in Kutwell Fabrics, Christchurch, NZ and used the StyleArc Sandra Jeans pattern. I bought size 8, but they are too big; I really need size 7. I shall be moving buttons and taking in seams on them next week.


I have teamed the jeans with the Vogue 8793 top made from remnants from Knitwit and trimmed with a red zip round the collar. It is so comfy and a very flattering shape that I know I will wear it often.




and one more:



I actually am going to miss this challenge. As mentioned before I pledged two items a week and yesterday I did the count: I managed an average of four items over the month with at least one original every day. I am really pleased with this. Next year will be even better!

This is a long weekend, but we sadly don’t get the Monday holiday. I decided to take today as a leave day, and last night we got packed to go to Margaret River camping. This is a very exciting development – we haven’t been camping for more than a year because of looking after Dad. I told him that he had to stay in hospital so we could come and he managed to look ill enough to be kept in – thanks Dad!

So, this is the sight that greeted me outside our garage last night – campter trailer and Troopie all good to go.



We will manage two nights on the farm, and I will be blogging my best camping attire!

Archie has been heavily into his fingerless gloves – this is the other pair I made him:


GCC steps yesterday: 20,882 (nvg)

Average: 23,830 (dropping, this is a tragedy!)



6 thoughts on “Jeanius

  1. Have a great time Sue! Will miss you Saturday ha ha! You will need another challenge……. More knitwear would be cool Xxx

  2. As someone who uses hemming tape and a hot iron (was that a communal gasp I heard?!), I’m very impressed! Thanks for the blog, Sue, I’ve enjoyed reading it each day.
    My GCC steps’ average – close to 10,000 at the moment. Mmm, almost as bad as using hemming tape!
    Enjoy the weekend. Well deserved for both of you.
    Cheers. Anne

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