Bust or build?

Today I wore five things for MMM – the inevitable Elle pants and Susan top from StyleArc, machine knitted socks, another version of the Endless knitted cardi shawl by Stitch Diva, this one hand knitted in Debbie Bliss DK wool, and the handmade button magnet. I am wearing the cardi-shawl thingy upside down today and it seems a bit bulky…


This cardi shawl is the garment responsible for me inventing the button magnets (doubt that I invented them). The first time I wore it, I secured it with a pin and pulled the wool:


This is very annoying, so I got a button and an old name tag from work and joined them together. The button for today is made from horn and came from a vintage button store in The Rocks, Sydney.

I am pretty chuffed with how I am going with MMM. It is day 18 and I have managed one original item every day. This is not as good as some people who have pledged to not repeat any garments – I could do this for a year if I could wear all my other clothes! I am missing some of them and some of my between season stuff won’t get worn now. I also seem to wear the two pairs of boots constantly so that I can wear socks (and so increase my tally). I do have loads of shoes – promise!

Last night I cut out the Georgia Peplum top from StyleArc using a remnant I bought at the euphemistically named Kutwell fabric shop in Christchurch NZ. The remnant cost $4 and I think this is cheaper than making a muslin. When I opened up the fabric bundle though there was a massive square cut out of it. Oh well, it’s not very wonderful fabric, but it is the dark side of remnant buying, I’ve had it happen before, and the upside is that I’m stashbusting, so all good, right? Or not, because I needed an invisible zip, so off to Knitwit in Nedlands, and I arrived home with the zip, plus a whole pile of remnants – sigh. I am incorrigible, every time I reduce the stash by one item, I seem to add three more (or in this case six!). It was my friend’s fault, she didn’t tie my hands behind my back. Yes, I’ll blame her!


OK, back to the sweatshop, laters people!


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