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More on the ITS Bonn shirt and North Point trousers

Readers of this blog will know that I have been participating in the It’s Time to Sew Itch-to-Stitch blog tour and I made both the Bonn shirt and North Point Trousers for my entry in the tour. I didn’t include in the last post the fact that I also made a short sleeved version of the […]

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Itch-to-Stitch: It’s time to sew blog tour Last year fans and followers of Itch-to-Stitch designs joined together in a “Sew the love blog tour” to help Kennis after she had been burgled. This year we have another blog tour, simply called “It’s time to sew Itch-to-Stitch” and I was so pleased when Crystal from The Sewing Vortex asked me to participate. […]

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