A scrounged blouse

The September theme for Make a Garment a Month over on IG is “Scrounging” and this blouse is properly scrounged – I think I appropriated it from Sarah (workspace fads) studio. I can’t remember whether I fished it out of a bin or just stuffed it up my jumper, but I’m pretty sure I was being nefarious as Sarah can’t even remember the blouse, let alone how I came to find it in my refashioning drawer!

This is how the blouse looked when I first found it and tried it on. It was clearly a toile and is made out of some vintage but sturdy cotton, like a tablecloth or sheet. I had to scour out some of the stains, and it’s not the whitest garment but it’s a fun design.

It was a chilly day when I first tried it on, so I have a wool jumper on under it.

The blouse had no buttons or buttonholes, and had a few little areas that needed attention, but I love those pleated sleeves so thought it was worth saving.

Although I love a crisp white shirt, I felt that this was neither crisp enough nor white enough to leave it as is. My initial thought was to dip it in a dye vat, but then I was scrolling through Netflix and noticed this rather amazing dress and thought I would take some inspiration. I can’t remember the name of the show as I didn’t watch it.

You can see some rather lovely Art Nouveau elements and quite a lot of decoration. I decided that I would take inspiration rather than try to replicate it.

First I had to learn Inkscape so that I could play around with some shapes and export them as svg files so I could create some vinyl transfers on my Cricut. I was going to make them out of fabric, but had a lazy moment, which I kind of regret now.

I finished up going quite simple – a flower with stalk made of diamond shapes.

I used some beautiful buttons that @MaryThimble sent to me and which I’ve been longing to use. The sleeves are really lovely, I think. I also added a “Maker” label at the bottom of the front placket.

After I had finished taking photos I noticed that one of my elements had come adrift, possibly melted by the iron, but it was a simple matter to make a new one. These photos highlight the perfect buttons.

At some point in the making process I discovered a hole in the back yoke. “Easy”, I thought, I’ll cover it up with another flower, which I duly created. I darned the hole and then discovered my flower was too small to sit in the centre and cover the hole, so made a bigger one. When I put that on the centre back, it was still too small – can you see my darn? I decided that the flower was enough distraction and I wasn’t going to keep making ever bigger ones, so just went with it.

Hole or not, I really like my tulip.

Some rather rigid poses, but I did get one shown seated, so was pleased to remember.

Although the weather looks warm in these photos, it really wasn’t, so I have only managed to wear this top once, and I can’t wait to give it more of an airing. Now I look at the photos I am wondering whether to add more decoration, which is not hard to do. I might wear it a bit before I decide.

I thought you’d enjoy Miss G getting into one of my drawers. Her father would never have been allowed to do this! Her singing is something to be enjoyed!!

She then wanted a treat, so had to clean up first. Her idea of a clean up, and mine, differ slightly!

We got there in the end, but my drawer might never be as neat!


4 thoughts on “A scrounged blouse

  1. Excellent job! You made this plain and unfinished blouse look so good. Love your embellishments thoughI must confess I first thought your tulip on the back was a schooner (sailing boat) which would be equally great I think. Thanks for the videos of Miss G. She’s one happy kid and you’re the best, most patient nana!

    1. Thank you dear Hélène, it was looking a bit sad but the sleeves made me hang on to it. I agree, the tulip does look a bit like a schooner! I’m glad you enjoyed the videos.

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