Fibremood Ulima

The latest issue of Fibremood magazine (Edition 25) is out and there are some really lovely patterns in it. This time I chose the Ulima which means “astute or wise”; well I think I was pretty wise to choose this lovely pattern, which is a little different from my usual choices, and which will be fun to wear as the weather warms up.

I used a cotton sheet which I indigo dyed on a pole. I really like the patterns you get with pole dyeing, and the randomness of the design. I dyed the whole piece and then cut out the pieces. I had to make decisions about pattern placement and it worked out fairly well.

I made a size small with no alterations to the pattern but found the sleeves too long and definitely too wide. They may have been better in a more supple fabric as specified by the pattern, but I felt that my fabric was soft and drapey enough

I could have shortened them and run the seams in, but threaded some elastic through which had the dual benefit of shortening them and making them fit closer to my arms. Better? I’m actually not sure as the tighter sleeves cause the top to ride up if I’m not careful. I’m going to wear the top to see whether to keep the elastic or go back to plan A and modify the sleeves. Even after a short time of wearing the top I found the riding up a bit annoying.

The pattern requires three buttons, but I couldn’t find three that I liked so I used five small ones. They are glass and really pretty, and I think they match the indigo patterning well. It’s a faux button placket and I considered adding buttonholes but I wanted to make sure I loved the buttons before I did that.

It’s a comfortable top to wear as I pretend I’m in a wildflower meadow in my garden. It’s spring and the Everlastings are blooming. The geranium is actually a paler pink and its flowers are like pom poms.

Archie took a few photos of me and all I could do was laugh. I loved them all, but I’m going to spare you!

This is going to be a terrific top to go with all my high waisted clothes. I know it will be a cool top to wear when the warm weather arrives, as it inexorably will.

I took this photo of Miss G reading with her daddy last night. She has the best range of facial expressions and reactions to stories.


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  1. The fabric looks amazing and I agree with you Sue: if you ever decide to go back to the original design, these sleeves would look better a tad shorter and narrower. I do love the kimono style when not elasticated. In my experience, there’s nothing like big floating sleeves to keep you cool in summertime and still protect your upper arms from the sun.

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