Lots of Stokx

I seem to have made quite a few Stokx patterns recently, namely the Square Pants, Play Pants and Flirt Skirt.

I made the Play Pants from a beautiful piece of wool flannel that had been my mother’s.

I made the version with the little split at the ankle, but this meant that I couldn’t lengthen the leg, but I decided to try and get used to having shorter trousers. I really like these, they are comfortable, have the signature large Stokx pockets, and seem to go with lots of things.

I made the Flirt skirt from some dark green wool. Shown here with a mustard merino tee and Tunisian crochet jacket. I feel as though this skirt needs cropped tops, on me anyway.

Interestingly, the sizing for the trousers and the skirt differ for me. I made size 0 for the trousers and they are actually a smidge big, but a size 2 for the skirt, although I think I could go down to a 1. I find this quite interesting as I would expect the sizing to be consistent.

I decided to cut a strip off the selvedge and sew it to the inside as a rather large label. Please note, I used a piece of one of my husband’s silk ties as bias binding on the edge, but sadly I didn’t have enough for the hem.

I wanted a pocket and thought I’d put a patch pocket on the back. I was coincidentally doing an only course with Mirjam Textiles in the Making Zen series. Mirjam was teaching the art of stacked running stitch. I was really keen to give this a try and thought a pocket would be the perfect canvas.

I made the pocket and then put it in a hoop. I roughed out my design with chalk and used four different coloured threads to get a sort of ombre effect. Once I finished I tacked the pocket on the skirt with the embroidery thread I had in my needle and decided that I liked it. I will probably unpick it and redo it at some point, but I will definitely add it as a feature.

I made the pocket to go on the back, but it decided it wanted to be on the front, so that’s where I put it.

The skirt needs a good press, but you get the idea.

My last Stokx make in this round was the Square Pants. These I made with blue corduroy that came from my sister’s destash. I took loads of photos and am going to inflict them on you – sorry! These were taken early in the morning and it was pretty cold. Five minutes earlier I was wearing a beanie and some gloves!

As the day warmed up I shed the jacket which allows me to show more details. Large pockets, front and back and a really neat belt that I seem to be pulling in. I don’t have any sliding buckles in my stash, so used a regular one. It makes adjustments a little more tricky, but it works.

I find it amazing that I get fit this good straight off the pattern with no tweaking. I’m putting my hands in the new hot tub to try and get them warm.

A seated shot as I tried to absorb some warmth.

I wore them twice in two days, which is not like me, but they work so well with my new upcycled Gorman quilt jacket and also my machine knitted jumper, which always reminds me of the Scottish flag.

I love this pattern so much that now I want a khaki pair. I have the choice of linen or corduroy. Maybe both??

My final video is not of Miss G, but I thought you’d like to see what I found happening to my car when I wandered into the garage. It turned out well in the end but it was a bit nerve wracking!

In case you’re wondering, he was fitting a snorkel, which means that we can now drive through quite deep puddles without drowning the engine. Not sure when we’ll be driving through a puddle that deep, but it’s nice to know we can! And in case you’re wondering what a snorkel is, it’s that black proboscis sitting on the A pillar.


2 thoughts on “Lots of Stokx

  1. I had never seen a snorkel mounted on a car yet, though I’ve seen lots of people snorkling in lakes and in the ocean. The idea is the same. How interesting!

    The fit of your square pants as well as Wendy’s version really got me into that style and I’m tracing the pattern tonight. I’m trying them as shorts first. I hope they fit as well as yours!

    1. Thank you my dear friend. Snorkels are quite common here on 4WDs. Yes the principle is the same. I can wait to see your square pants, they are lovely to make and wear!

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