Making for babies episode 12

My stepdaughter is home for a couple of weeks with our grandson and she asked me to make him a summer wardrobe. I set to work with alacrity! I could have gone mad, but did restrain myself as I don’t want to burden her with too much stuff which won’t fit for long.

I started with the Brindille and Twig Breezy Romper which I’ve made before here. I used some blue cicular knit that Sarah from pattern Union scored for me when she visited a deceased estate. It’s lovely vintage cotton, which is really soft.

I added the sloth using my Cricut Maker 3. It was during this make that I discovered that my friend Jenny had given me a device called a snap remover. It works like a charm, but before I used it I managed to put a hole in the romper when attempting to remove an errant snap. I used a Kyle and the Machine label as a secret message, which also covered the hole.

I also made him three little growsuits. I used Butterick 5585 View D and shortened the sleeves for summer

It’s a little onesie with an envelope neck I also added KATM labels in the side seams. You can just see one on the teddy bear version. The images were created with my Cricut Maker 3.

I made the reversible romper that I previously made for Miss G from a pattern created for me by Sarah. One side is from scraps of tee shirt material left over from Mark’s Christmas present, and the other side is the same blue knit as the breezy romper. Once again I had fun with the Cricut!

I made a little shorts set from fabric which my sister donated to my stash. Both pieces are free patterns from Brindille and Twig – the Ringer Tee and the Bummies. Both are terrific patterns, but the shorts look quite small. I’m hoping they fit!

I made a second set, using fabric from my stash. Once again i used the Ringer tee pattern, but I made long sweatpants using the Baggy Bottoms pattern from Ottobre 4/2015 which was lent to me by Katherine, @sewblooms.

I’m hoping this will be enough, but I still have time to make more should the urge take me!

I made Miss G an Elbe Textiles Buckley Tote, which I printed off at 50%. I used fabric that Jenny gave me for the outside and some dog fabric from my stash for the lining.

I made a little fairy pocket friend, again cut out on my Cricut. The pattern came from

Both of my sons have friends who are having babies, so I’ve been making for them too. I used the Butterick pattern but widened the seam allowance on the legs. This time I used a bee design on the Cricut and added a Cutie KATM label from my stash.

This onesie was made for a new mother who grew up on a dairy farm. We thought the cute cow was appropriate. I finished up making three of these and giving them to other babies.

And this one is for some expectant parents who have a dachshund. I thought they’d really like this.

And finally, I made miss G a bedding set for her doll’s cradle. I was most upset to see the dolls being put to sleep on a hard surface. I used a pillowcase that I thrifted a while back for 50cents and cut and sewed it to the dimensions of the cradle, although somehow it turned out a bit small.

I filled it with eucalyptus fibre and then decided I needed to put some stitches to stop the fibre migrating all over the place. The stitching had the added benefit of creating a pillow.

I made a sheet out of a leftover piece. Aren’t the cats cute?

But then decided the doll needed a quilt to keep her/him warm. I used a scrap of quilted cotton leftover from another project, added a bias binding edge and a little cat applique from my Cricut.

Here is the bedding in action. The cradle is very pink! Miss G is now putting her dolls to bed everywhere, which is lovely.

Thank you for sticking it to the end, and your reward is some photos of a different baby!


6 thoughts on “Making for babies episode 12

  1. Love, the baby close what a lucky Grandbaby. I hope Mum loved the wardrobe you made!!! Even Uncle Archie is in on the act. Very cute. Love and Hugs Tx

  2. These little outfits are so adorable. How do you sew for babies? How do you determine what size to sew? When my tiny granddaughter was 18 months I had to sew her a 6-month sized top and pants. She is small, but how is it possible to sew for size?

    1. Sizing is so tricky. I have a chart and sometimes get measurements, but mostly go on age. If the baby is smaller or bigger, then I size down or up.

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