More on the ITS Bonn shirt and North Point trousers

Readers of this blog will know that I have been participating in the It’s Time to Sew Itch-to-Stitch blog tour and I made both the Bonn shirt and North Point Trousers for my entry in the tour.


I didn’t include in the last post the fact that I also made a short sleeved version of the Bonn shirt and took it on my recent holiday. I chose to use this magnificent handwoven linen that Megan from Meggipeg bought for me in Singapore when I looked after her dog, Truffles.


Matso’s sells, among other things, home brewed beer. It was 10.30 in the morning when we visited, and when I said it was too early for alcohol, the waitperson was astonished, and said she’d never, ever, heard that said in Matso’s before! We had ice-cream, but everyone else was on the home brew.


The buttons on this shirt are painted wood, and the sleeves are cuffed. This really is gorgeous fabric and it sewed like a dream. I didn’t need to unpick a single stitch, which is most unlike me! I think these photographs show the beautiful shape of this shirt and the fact that it’s a little different from the usual shirt, with the mandarin collar and v-neck.


I also made another pair of the North Point Trousers from an animal print stretch denim from Knitwit which had been malingering in my stash for far too long. Of course, the weather wasn’t nice when I first made them, so were teamed with my Toaster sweater.


I decided to make them as per the pattern and then, once again, modified them to suit my rather strange shape. Here I am highlighting my welt pockets, which I didn’t add to the pair in my last post, but they are so easy to do following Kennis’ excellent instructions.

I have worn these trousers a lot and they are taking me from winter to spring. I wore them today with a previously unblogged handknit – the Shibui Knits Milan knitted in this super soft Malbrigo laceweight baby merino (as against lambswool?!)


This jumper is knitted in a garter ridge stitch, which is an interesting effect and gives a nice texture, but it’s slow and mildly tedious to do, especially in fine yarn. Now it’s done though, I really like it.

IMG_6205 copy

I wore it back in July on what must have been a glorious day, and I was playing around in Kings Park. It has a high low hem and quite a wide neck and is perfect for spring.

IMG_6209 copy

This won’t be the last you see of the Itch-to-Stitch Bonn shirt or North Point trousers as both will become go to patterns.



13 thoughts on “More on the ITS Bonn shirt and North Point trousers

  1. Love that shirt. It’s been on my internal wish list for an age.
    Baby merino is breed specific, lambswool could be from any breed. Merino is sought out for its softness

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  2. I’m about to start my first Bonn this week. I’d been putting it off all summer because I just didn’t want to take on the placket (not that a placket is difficult). After the tour I’ve been inspired to get out of the easy sewing mode and finally make some blouses.

  3. I’m always amazed where you find all those great fabrics. The trousers are perfect together with the red knitted sweater. The bright colours of the Bonn blouse must have been perfect for the sunny days in Broome.

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