A salvaged cardigan

I decided that I had an urgent need for a long fitted tank top to wear to yoga and set about making one. It was an unmitigated disaster!

I made it so fitted that it turned from black to white when I put it on – the stretch was so great. I cut the shoulders in way too much. Somehow I made the back shorter than the front – not a good look. So all in all I think I messed up every element of this extremely simple make.

I came so close to putting it in the bin, but then thought I had nothing to lose so had a little play.

I added a yoke to the back


And after I had cut the top of the armscye too high for sleeves I added a pair of little triangles on each side.


The top was so tight that I cut it through the centre front to make it into a cardigan. I was left with a rather unfinished looking front so added a rectangle for a collar and a pair of triangles tapering down the front to create a bit of a revere.


I used some scraps of fabric to add a couple of patch pockets. I used my overlocker to do rolled hems on every edge.


It’s not the most elegant cardigan, but it is already proving really useful. I’ve worn it to yoga and camping, as well as coffee with friends. A good save I think!



16 thoughts on “A salvaged cardigan

  1. Great job, Sue! The little triangles you added on the shoulders look like a desired feature. How satisfying, n’est-ce pas?

    1. So satisfying. I had no idea what to do about the strange shoulder line and this worked well. I wouldn’t mind doing something like this deliberately! Thanks mon amie x

  2. Good save Sue! I’m sure we take more pleasure in these ‘salvaged’ projects than others – and probably wear them more.
    I was going to comment on your spiffy hairdo too – very nice 😃

  3. A great save I would say! 🙂 And typical that this is turning out to be one of your favourite garments now. That happens to me quite often too!:D

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