Candy cane top

The whole time I was making this top I thought I might look like Where’s Wally, and then I put it on and thought, nup, I’m a candy cane!


The pattern is Kwik Sew 4189 and I made view B without the roll neck and with shorter sleeves, using fabric from Potter’s.


This pattern is an obvious candidate for stripes, but the pattern matching became a bit of a trial. I did, however, love the little triangle that is formed when the side seams come together.


I wore this top for our wedding anniversary and we were lucky enough to share the day with Sarah from Workspace-FADS and her husband, who were married on exactly the same day in the same year – cool hey? They came camping with us and we had a glorious few days at our bush block. This involved some touristy activities


and an awful lot of eating. Sorry for the grainy photo, but you can see that we were eating in style!


This top is a dream to make, except for the stripe matching of course, and I am looking forward to making more. It is fairly simple, fits beautifully and the pattern is nicely drafted. Next time I am going to do a slight sway back adjustment as I have a little bubble of fabric in my back which bothers me, but I think I can sort it out quite easily.


The top has a foldover neck instead of a separate band and I considered whether to do this, but I’m glad that I did. I lightly interfaced the neck so that it wouldn’t stretch out, folded it over and coverstitched it. This worked really nicely, giving a very flat neckline.


This was my first make of 2017, and I made it on the first day of the new year.


30 thoughts on “Candy cane top

    1. Aww, thank you Linda, I did go to some trouble with the stripes. I want another one, but don’t think I can face doing more stripe matching!

  1. This is a lovely top Sue and I can appreciate the tedious effort required to achieve that stripe matching, as I have just made a red and white striped top too (although a much simpler design). You have done an excellent job. How lovely to share a wedding anniversary and a camping holiday. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Candy Cane top 😄 What a perfect description for this yummy summer top. As for styling, I think it would look good on a pencil midi skirt too!

  3. Love the candy cane top, the stripe matching and seams are perfect. Good to see pictures of the bush block, looks like you definitely celebrated in style. Happy anniversary!

  4. Red and white stripe always looks fresh and “where’s Wally” made me smile. Perfect stripe matching and the triangle is a very nice accent.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Great start to the year, the candy cane top is wonderfully made (oh, that matching!) and so cute! Your version is much better than the ones on the pattern package.

  6. I really love the creative use of stripes, and this definitely qualifies! If Waldo had worn cool diagonal stripes, they’d have found him years ago.

  7. I love it – and your pattern matching is superb. I love red/white stripes as they always look so fresh. May all your ‘makes’ in 2017 be as successful as this! 🙂

    1. Thank you Kim. I had planned this top as a practice make but love it so have put the pattern away for a while. I can’t face more stripes just yet!!

  8. Happy (belated!) Anniversary!! Love everything about this cute top! Fantastic job stripe matching and you look like you camped in style! 🙂

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