Camping Christmas

I’ve made a Christmas tree to take camping  glamping at Christmas.


This is the best travel Christmas tree (except it sheds a bit) because it is light, soft, and completely unbreakable.

The tree is based on a piece of green hessian, and then small pieces of fabric are pushed through in an action known as “prodding” – as against “progging” which is a slightly different technique. This is the way those old fashioned rag rugs are made. I spent a lovely Saturday with my friend Suzanne and we both made a tree out of bits of our stashes.


Whilst discussing the merits of being a prodder versus being a progger – this of course was accompanied by much giggling.



Although we look as though we are enjoying ourselves, it’s quite a tedious process. First we had to cut all our scraps of fabric and ribbon into small rectangles and then they had to be poked through the canvas. Our different approaches are a bit obvious here – I take the jigsaw puzzle approach of doing the borders first and then filling in the middle. I think this is because I have no idea about what I’m doing.


Once the cone shape is filled in, it is sewn together and stuffed with wadding and mounted onto a felt base. I confess that mine is not yet stuffed or mounted!

For my family, friends and anyone else vaguely interested, a quick update on Heidi’s growth. She now weighs 30 kilos but still enjoys a cuddle with her master. She is like an enormous teddy bear.



9 thoughts on “Camping Christmas

  1. Such a practical and pretty Christmas tree to take glamping. We are planning a weekend camping trip just before Christmas which should be lots of fun. Looks like you had a fun day making your tree with your friend.

  2. Think the Xmas tree looks absolutely fabulous and ideal for camping, now only to look forward to that camping.

  3. That looks great to use up Christmas scraps. You could add some bells as you go too! And maybe ribbons and laces…. I think i need to start making one before i get too carried away!

    1. There’s lots of ribbons in the tree, Andrea, and I did think about bells but couldn’t be bothered 🙂 I think you should make one with bells on and I can sigh with delight!!

  4. Gulp….Im the only one commenting on Grand-dog Heidi Wolf, oh she’s lovely…not that the trees aren’t wonderful – they are divine. You are a Grandmother on training wheels!

  5. The Christmas Trees are gorgeous – my mother-in-law made me something similar and I bring it out each Christmas. Have to say you and Suzanne look as if you are having a great time.
    Heidi is huge but very cute.

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