Twenty minute transformation

Oh I do love me a bit of alliteration! As it happens, this took slightly longer than twenty minutes – but I decided that poetic license was in order.

Gabrielle from Heaven Wrapped gave me this scarf to refashion/repurpose and I decided that I would not do another Coco, but would try something a bit more original.


The scarf is made from shirred wool just like the other two – here and here


I draped this scarf on Doris the dummy and began to plan how it would look


It is more of a sleeveless tunic. All I really needed to do was to draft a pattern for the shoulders and neckline.

A couple of French seams, a bit of binding round the neck, and a line of stitching from hip to underarm, and hey presto! I was done. Easiest transformation ever.


I chose to keep the edge frill which finished up as part of the side seam. I like this feature but it does make me look even more rectangular than usual!


The fringing at the bottom gives it a bit of a boho look, and the ends of the scarf that had heavier shirring causes the top to be really fitted on the hip, meaning that I could let the top blouse over a little.


I can use this tighter shirring to make the top longer or shorter depending on how I am feeling.

To wear this top in the winter I needed a long sleeved t shirt to wear under it, and I found this khaki wool knit in my deepest stash. I used a combination of different tops to create the shape that I wanted. In the spring I shall wear the top with a camisole and enjoy the frilled sleeves.


The details: Tunic top is self drafted and made from a scarf donated by Gabrielle from Heaven Wrapped. I have to say that I absolutely love the colour combination. Raspberry and khaki, who would have thought?

The pants are Elle pants from Style Arc, and the t-shirt is made from a piece of wool/spandex from Potter’s.


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  1. Another funky top Sue – the colours are great and the touch of pink lippy = sensational!

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