Dreams of snails?

I think this says “dreams of snails”?


This fabric had me paralysed. It is a beautiful silk scarf that was a gift, I knew I wouldn’t wear it as a scarf, and I really didn’t want to waste it. It has a lovely snail design in quite vivid colours


I washed it and it went out of shape, which made getting the pieces on the grain very difficult. Given that it was slithery, slippery, slinky slik silk, I washed it in gelatine to make it firmer. This worked an absolute treat and to my joy I discovered that it stops the silk from fraying – at all! However, I think I overdid it because several washes later and the gelatine is still there (an examination of the first photograph shows the gelatine granules!)

I decided to draw threads to get the grainlines, but I couldn’t tell the whole time I was making it whether this worked as the gelatine gave so much body.

My next issue was which pattern to use. I started out thinking Scout Tee, but this didn’t let me show enough of the pattern and wasted quite a bit of the fabric, then I moved to the Stylish Dress Book top X, because I thought the straight bottom would allow me to use the handrolled and hand stitched hems on the scarf. I was anxious about how this particular top would look on me – it’s quite boxy. The hems went out of square anyway so I discarded this idea. In the end I went for the Stylish Dress Book, dress F – my old friend! I shortened it to tunic length and decided not to use ties on the sleeves, but to use little coloured beads down the outside arm. This meant that I had to join the sleeves together, but it’s a look I quite like.


How well do these beads match the fabric? They came out of my stash so I was pretty pleased with myself.

You can see I got the “dreams of snails” bit centre front, but it had to be upside down! This was very irritating, but I had no choices as it was so close to the edge of the fabric.


I teamed the top here with my pink linen pants (hair looks appalling – I’ve been swimming!)


and here with the kermit skirt


I managed to retain the hand stitched rolled edge at the front, but couldn’t at the back, so I gave it a bit of a dip.


I’m really pleased that it looks different from the two dresses I made, here and here and that I had very little wastage from the scarf.


Pattern is Dress F (modified) from Stylish Dress Book

Fabric is a French silk scarf gifted to me. I am claiming this as a refashion!


11 thoughts on “Dreams of snails?

  1. I’m stunned! Whoever gifted the scarf to you knew your colours! I think that style top shows the fabric to its ultimate best and it looks amazing on you.

  2. You never seize to amaze Sue – I am lucky because I have seen the top in real life and it looks fabulous. Have to say I like it with the pink pants but love it with the green skirt.

  3. Love the dreamtime escargot with the mint green skirt. Very stylish. The tailored skirt balances the fluid top.

    BTW: Where do you get your information about gelatin rinses etc? I have no idea about such things and am very intrigued by your knowledge of exotic recipes/fixes. Brava!!!

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