K is for Kerf

What is a “kerf” I hear you ask. Good question!


It is a woodworking term (who knew?) and is the name of the shape that a saw blade makes when it cuts through a piece of wood. The shape is that double curve with the cut out piece as in the picture above.

It is also the name of Archie’s fledgling business, so when he was offered another pair of boardies, he asked me to take his logo and sew it on the leg. Lordy…! I didn’t do the best job, but he seems ok with it. It does look better from a distance.


He also asked for all the seams to be triple topstitched – I do have a triple topstitching needle, but it doesn’t like stretch fabrics, so all these rows of stitching were done one at a time – very tedious and not overly straight!


I probably should have called this blog “K for Krabby” as he was exactly that during the photo shoot. However, I should point out that he was studying and I dragged him away from his laptop.


I didn’t have time to photograph any of the details (thanks to Mr Krabby ,er, Grumpy, er, well, you know what I mean), but hey, they are just another pair of boardies!

I did get a bit of a smile at the end…


The details:

Fabric is the Jersey Lomellina from Bentley TAFE design shop

Pattern is Butterick 4664

Recipient of my largesse is Archie – he does tell me that he’s grateful.


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