A shirt from vintage fabric

ImageI was looking through my 20 year old stash and found this fabric. As I was wondering what on earth I was going to do with it, my son, Archie, told me that he had to have a shirt made from it. Say what? Oh well, I found the pattern, Vogue 8800 and away I went. I have to say that the pattern was really simple and fits very well. He also raided my button stash for the retro wooden buttons. These are quite old, but I have since bought the modern version. 

The shirt has proven to be such a hit that the orders are pretty constant. I am thrilled because I would much rather make things for other people than for me, and I have always thought wistfully about daughters. Well, who needs a daughter when one has a son who will wear handmade shirts? So happy…Image


2 thoughts on “A shirt from vintage fabric

  1. As a child, my mother always sewed dresses and outfits for my three older sisters. And she bought clothes for me, her only son. I did not take it personally. But, when she began making shirts for me as a young adult male, I was quite happy about it! Of course none of those shirts fit me anymore. But I still have the blanket she made from many of my shirts from high school.


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